Patio Furniture and Summer Toys - Your Expert Guide To Seasonal Storage

Alivia Whitaker | March 12, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

As the weather starts to warm up for Spring many people doing yard work and storing seasonal storage items.  Holiday decor should be safely stowed away right now.  Also, you’re probably bringing out the stored patio furniture and summer toys.  But if you don’t store things properly off-season you could cause more wear and tear or even damage your treasured items.  Here’s how to store seasonally the right way.

Don’t Delay - Be On Top Of Seasonal Storage

The best trickwith seasonal storage is to put it away and get it out at the right time.  It’s important not to leave summer toys such as All Terrain Vehicles and Recreational Vehicles sitting idle and unprotected during cold months.  You invested in those big ticket items and you want them to last.  To do this, you need to store responsibly and properly pack and put away correctly.  Leaving furniture exposed to the outdoors speeds up their break down. Take that little bit of time in the fall and spring and add on years to the use of your seasonal storage items.

Pack Seasonal Storage Properly

Storing seasonal items such as vehicles, isn’t as simple as parking it and walking away.  Especially if you have off-season or cold months - it’s important to take a little bit of extra time and maintain the vehicle well.  Keylock Storage has a plethora of storage guides and tips including an RV Storage Guide.  Some the RV seasonal storage tips Keylock gives are:

  • Go through and review all manuals and owner’s guides for the function and mechanics of your RV. Keep copies of the manuals in the RV for quick reference.  In the manuals, you will find maintenance and other information that will help you keep your RV in working order.
  • When you park your RV go through your vehicle and remove any food or trash left over
  • Make suer to turn off the refrigerator and appliances that zap power to ensure they will be ready to go next time
  • Clean all air conditioner filters including the rooftop filter and outside unit
  • Thoroughly clean the interior of the RV to adequately prepare it for storage. Remember to look under beds, inside cupboards to make sure no debris or dust is left behind.

Utilize Self Storage To Really Protect Your Belongings

If you’re tempted to store in your backyard your seasonal storage items - don’t make that mistake.  To be sure, It’s not worth it to harm your recreational vehicles, sensitive storage items like decor, papers or photographs or the beautiful outdoor furniture you’ve invested in.   Self-storage is affordable and more convenient than ever.  Take the small amount of time it takes to secure a unit and sleep safe each off season, knowing that your seasonal storage belongings are protected from the elements and in safe hands.

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