How Storage Supports Life Changes in Caldwell, Idaho

Admin | April 20, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Major life transitions are often overwhelming, upsetting, and difficult to deal with. Whether you're going through a heated divorce, you have to move for work or you suffer through a foreclosure, it's important to make use of tools that will make your transitional period easier to deal with.

One of the tools that can have the biggest impact if used properly is self-storage. With high-quality self-storage in Caldwell, ID you'll have a useful resource to help house belongings if you run out of space, or if you acquire items you aren't expecting. Below we'll dig into a few common scenarios that can all be improved with access to more storage

Managing a New Property After a Death

Nobody ever wants to deal with a death in the family, but they happen every day. If one of your family members dies you could acquire their home and other properties as a result. If this happens you'll be left with all the possessions within the property to manage as well.

Having access to storage near Caldwell, ID will give you space to store these items quickly and easily so you can sell off the property, rent it out, or do what you want with it fast. With all the belongings stored away, you can take your time and go through the items and allow others to look through them at their leisure as well without tying up the properties.

A facility like Keylock Storage offers spaces as large as 16' x 45' for storing entire households' worth of belongings while still leaving you room for sorting. 

Make Space in Your Home for Family or Friends

Self-storage can help you make extra space in your home if you need to give a friend or family member a place to stay temporarily. This can happen due to a divorce, a foreclosure, a move for a new job, or another unexpected change. No matter what the situation is, if you end up with someone moving into the home that you don't expect, you'll probably have to clear out some space.

A self-storage unit offers as much room as you need to make the necessary room. You can invest in a small 5' x 5' unit to clear out a closet or two, or you can get something larger for several rooms. Storage is sold on a month-to-month basis, so you'll only have to pay storage fees for the months that the person is living with you, making it an economical solution as well. 

Prepare for a move using storage

Every day, people get laid off from work or secure better-paying jobs in another part of the country. When that happens it's time to go through a move, which can be a pretty serious undertaking. Not only do you have to try and find a new place to live that's large enough for your current belongings, but you also have to try and get into a rental soon after your move.

Things don't always work out smoothly when making such a transition. With access to Keylock Storage that has secure protective features, you can store your belongings if you have to live in a smaller location, or if you need to stay out of a hotel or another temporary space while finding a new place to live.

Storage units give you the flexibility you need to efficiently relocate no matter what the circumstances are. No matter what surprises you encounter in your life, having access to self-storage units like the ones at Keylock Storage gives you a secure and flexible place to store your belongings and adjust your life to simplify your challenges.