5 Easy Steps To Make Your Vehicle Last - Basic Vehicle Maintenance

Alivia Whitaker | April 4, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

You love your vehicle and chances are you use it all the time - follow these easy, basic vehicle maintenance. By follow our simple steps below, you will be able to get more mileage and better driving out of your vehicle no matter what you drive!

Car 101 - Regular Oil Changes

We call this step "Car 101" because it is the most vital step in basic vehicle maintenance!   Getting your oil changed is not expensive or difficult.  Many oil shops such as Jiffy Lube and others offer full oil change services and usually do not require an appointment.   Getting your oil changed is important because it keeps the car running effectively.  Not changing your oil via the prescribed time period (most experts say every 3,000 miles) can cause serious damage if left undone.

Car 102 - Tire Rotation

Many automobile drivers forget to have their tires rotated! And no, this does not mean having your car elevated and your tires simple spun around!  Rotating each individual tire to a different location on the car is important to keep your tires lasting.  Different parts of the car wear on the tires in different ways and can lead to eventual damage.  Rotating tires also keeps your car driving more smoothly and evenly.  Make sure to do this regularly, but also especially if you are going on a road trip or driving long distances.

Car 103 - Air Filter

Do you often forget about the air filter in your car?  Air filter changes are an very important part of basic vehicle maintenance. This is important not only to keep the temperatures comfortable in your car but to avoid overheating which is very dangerous!  Cars Direct says on their subject,

"Failing to maintain your car, including leaving a dirty air filter in your engine, often has a negative effect on your vehicles performance. Should you neglect to change it, you could experience a decrease in gas mileage, spark plug failure and engine overheating. Generally, a filter will last past its lifespan without causing these problems, but it is never a good idea to leave a dirty filter in your car for an extended period of time. Always change your filter per the manufacturer's specifications."

Car 105 - Battery Maintenance

Battery Maintenance is so key in basic are maintenance to keep your car lasting and keeping all passengers safe! You can avoid a dead battery, being stranded on the road or worse by simply maintaining your battery.  This can be done at most oil change or tire shops or can be done on your own. The website, Family Handyman, gives a great guide of how to do this on your own.  Find that guide HERE

Car 106 - RV Maintenance 

RV Maintenance is also very important for basic vehicle maintenance and has additional steps.  Keylock Storage has an extensive guide on RV Maintenance.  Of this Keylock says

  • "Go through and review all manuals and owner’s guides for the function and mechanics of your RV. Keep copies of the manuals in the RV for quick reference.  In the manuals, you will find maintenance and other information that will help you keep your RV in working order.
  • When you park your RV make sure to go through your vehicle and remove any perishable food or trash left over
  • Turn off the refrigerator and any other appliances that zap power to ensure they will be ready to go next time
  • Clean all air conditioner filters including the rooftop filter and outside unit
  • If tires are exposed in outdoor parking check the tire pressure and overall integrity of the tire.
  • Service locks with spray lubricant to prevent rust and freezing.
  • Take the appropriate steps to check all items that require batteries then be sure to remove the batteries and dispose of properly.
  • Review the engine and other machinery and when doing so, make sure to check all fluid levels including the gasoline tank and under the hood
  • Make sure your holding tank is empty and rinse clean. During cold months, all water tanks, lines, and pumps should be drained and filled with non-toxic RV anti-freeze."

The good thing about this list is that most of these things you should be able to do at once at any oil change or tire shop.  Most car maintenance places such as these will offer all of these services at reasonable prices. 

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