Wine Storage

Wine is another popular item for storage and especially climate-controlled storage.  If you want to protect your prized wine collection follow the steps below:

Three critical environmental conditions for wine storage:

  • Keep the humidity in an acceptable range from 65 - 75% RH.
  • Make sure your temperature stability overall is on point is a key for wine storage. The temperature should not be too cold as this will hamper the development of the wine. Conversely, if the temperature is too hot it will cause the wine to develop too quickly. Ideally, the thermostat should be set for 55 degrees Fahrenheit, plus or minus one degree. 
  • Light can be an adversary in wine storage as it can cause wine to pre-maturely age and cause other disintegration. Ultraviolet light (even from fluorescent bulbs) may give wine unpleasant aromas and ruin it. Remember to turn the lights off when you leave your climate-controlled unit if the storage unit does not automatically power off.
  • Choose climate control storage for your wine collection. Climate controlled storage ensures that temperature and humidity remains stable, and that your wine will only get better with age.
  • Take the time to place your wine bottles horizontally (label up, to see any sediment that settles) so that the cork stays moist. This will minimize the possibility of the cork cracking and undesired air entering the bottle.