Wedding Dress Storage and Vintage Clothing Storage

Your wedding dress was THE dress. It was the gown of your dreams and one you want to remember. Perhaps you want to pass it on as an heirloom or perhaps you have inherited heirloom wedding dresses from family members. Make sure you do your wedding dress storage the proper way so you can enjoy your wedding dress for years to come.

  • Have your wedding dress professional cleaned.
  • Store in a specialty, high-quality clothing bag that will not mold to the dress or melt to the cloth.
  • Wear white gloves at first after removing from storage to prevent hand grease from staining the gown.
  • Keep the gown in a temperate climate – not too hot or cold that destroy the dress or garment bag in any way. A climate-controlled unit would be the most ideal choice for wedding dress storage.
  • As with other high-value or sensitive storage belongings, take the time to check on your wedding dress - at least once a year.  When you do, double check for any damage, creasing, or denigration in any way.
  • INSURE your items when storing. Personal storage insurance is an easy and affordable way to protect the value of your precious items. It is the smart thing to do. You can find information about this with the local manager or on
  • Carefully go over the entire garment and locate any tags or laundering information.  Follow to the letter the laundering and care instructions found on the tag.
  • Find out if a professional wedding dress and/ or textile preservation company in your area.  Many businesses will professional clean and prepare your special dress for storage - taking the burden of a wedding dress storage mistake off your shoulders.