Ways to Spruce Up Your Dorm Room and Make It Your Own

  • Clean your dorm room before you unpack.  Taking a few moments to dust and vacuum can make your room feel fresh and new and will help you settle in well to your new area.
  • Re-arrange efficiently.  Some of the best space-saving moves are simply re-arranging the furniture.  Looking up organizing guides on the Internet and using trial and error will help you put desks, beds, and other dorm elements in the right way to optimize all your space.  
  • Hang lights.  Hanging cheap Christmas lights at the top of the edges of the wall make your dorm room feel special, added needed lighting, and bring good vibes into your student space.
  • Add temporary color.  Most likely in any temporary student housing you won’t be able to paint walls or furniture.  Putting up a colorful tapestry on the wall, adding brightly colored items on top of dressers or putting up a favorite flea market painting or poster of a favorite band help make your student space individualized, happy, and full of color.
  • Candles.  Adding something as simple as a candle (or candle warmer if you’re not allowed open flame) bring good smells and inviting auras into your small student space and make it feel like home.