Using Self Storage – The “Why”

Americans are using self-storage more than ever with the percentage increasing every year. Self-storage is a helpful and affordable option for your storage, organization and moving needs.  Here are some reasons “why”:

Space: No matter the size of your home, chances are you’ve got some extra stuff lying around cluttering up your space. Whether it’s a large vehicle or RV, something that is an awkward or large size, something seasonal, business related items or things that you choose to keep but simply don’t have the space for – join all the Americans are running to self-storage more than ever to keep your life functional and organized.

Most average homeowners don’t have the extra space to store a large RV, boat or even large seasonal deck furniture that needs to be stored and protected in the winter.

Security and Safety 

If you’ve got high value items or personal items with sentimental value – you’ll want to know that they are kept safe and ready for you when you want them.  While some things such as a recreational vehicle parked outside your home or expensive items kept in your garage may be a target for thieves, storing in a storage unit keeps your items more anonymous, private, and locked away not only in your individual unit but also within a locked, highly secure, and video-recorded Keylock Facility


When you rent with Keylock you have the option of buying affordable insurance for your belongings stored within your unit.  This is the perfect added layer of security and peace of mind and may likely be cheaper than your homeowners or other insurance.  Having an insurance policy specifically for your items in storage is also a great option for smaller or less valuable items that you would want to be compensated for but may not want to claim on your homeowner’s insurance and putting you at risk for being dropped by your carrier