Student Safety in Storage

Like every other part of college, keeping safe is always paramount.  This includes when you use self-storage.  Dirt-cheap storage prices may be appealing for your student budget, but don’t let that tempt you into a situation that could put your belongings at risk for theft or ruin or even put you in a personally dangerous situation.

When you store, consider the below safety elements:

  • Neighborhood.  What type of neighborhood is your self-storage facility in?  If your self-storage is in a neighborhood with higher crime, your belongings will be more at risk for theft.  Traveling to and from can also be a great risk for your personal safety.
  • Fencing. Does your facility have adequate fencing and electronic gated access?  This is not only important to keep your belongings secure but will ensure you are personally safe when you go to your unit.
  • Lighting and wide aisles.  Make sure the facility you use has wide aisles with good visibility and is well-lighted.  This discourages theft and keeps you safe when you are using your unit.
  • Keep in mind the hours you travel to your unit.  For ideal personal safety, access your unit in daylight hours and/or when the storage manager is working.  
  • Take a friend.  Promise a treat to a friend and bring them along for the ride.  They can help you move things around and be a safety friend when you’re accessing your unit.
  • Find out the hours of access at your unit.  Is there 24-hour access at your facility?  If so, how can people access it?  Make sure that only tenants can access the unit and have individualized gate codes.
  • Report any suspicious behavior to the manager.  If you choose well, the likelihood of anything untoward happening at your facility is little to none.  If you do see any suspicious behavior – be vocal and let the manager know.  If you see something, say something.
  • Does your storage facility have cameras?  Keylock storage uses the best security monitoring available and has cameras placed throughout all their facilities.  This is one of the best security measures available to keep you safe both as a deterrent and a backup should any theft occur.
  • Make a good unit location selection.  Choose a unit that is up-front, centrally located and if possible near the facility office.  This gives you good visibility and ability to get help if necessary.
  • Use a facility with electronic and online auto-pay.  Utilizing convenient payment options that Keylock offers such as online and auto-pay keeps you more protected from both identity theft and helps you avoid carrying cash or checks around that could be lost or stolen.
  • Bring a flashlight.  Even if you’re accessing your unit during the day, having a flashlight on hand can illuminate any dark or shaded corners both in the facility and as convenience to find things in your individual unit.
  • Always park in well-lighted areas and keep your car doors locked.