Storage of Old and Other Sensitive Documents

Sensitive and old documents come in many varieties. Whether you are purchasing and collecting high-value documents or storing family heirloom documents such as old family photos, your ancestor’s old passport or want to keep your own personal documents safe and secure – self storage is a great option for this. Document storage is special and has a list of steps for proper care.  Follow these sensitive document storage tips:

  • Climate control is a necessity for old and sensitive documents. Heat and cold can destroy, fade, or degrade documents very quickly.  Proper document storage almost assuredly needs to be in a climate-controlled unit.
  • One of the best moves you can make to keep your documents safe is to get a specialty filing cabinet. These often can be found for very reasonable prices. What you want to look for is a case that can be locked, is air-tight and keeps moisture out and is also fireproof and waterproof.
  • Clearly label everything and leave walkways through cabinets.
  • Cover cabinets with dust covers to avoid any elements seeping into the cabinets.
  • Lift boxes and filing cabinets off the floor and place on basic pallets or another floor barrier.
  • A great idea is to keep dossier or log about what documents are stored in the unit and where. This will save you from flipping through dozens of single pages looking for the one you want.
  • Use stiff dividers to keep documents from molding together or damaging each other.
  • INSURE your items when storing documents.  Personal storage insurance is an easy and affordable way to protect the value of your precious items.  It is the smart thing to do.  You can find information about this with the local manager or on