Staying Organized in Your Dorm Room and In Storage

Tips to keep your items well organized and in good condition both at your student housing and when you store:

  • Go through your items.  Organize items by type, frequency of use and season.
  • Buy organizers.  Getting your hand on cheap organizing tools can make a world of difference in your little dorm.  Organizing bins, shoe holders, under-bed storage boxes and other items that de-clutter your life and closet can be easily obtained and dollar stores, online and even at second hand stores.
  • Label and don’t over-pack.  Writing out individual items that are in boxes or bins individual on labels or the top of boxes can help you remember specifically where things are and save a lot of hassle.
  • Don’t over pack items in one box and make it too heavy to get to and dissuade you from keeping it organized or rotated.