Self-Storage Insurance for You

Insuring your storage unit contents is always a good idea. It’s a solid plan to have a backup just in case anything may happen – not matter how unlikely. Self-storage insurance is affordable, un-complicated and easy to get through your Keylock Storage Facility.

Our self-storage experts can inform and guide you through the self-storage insurance process and assist you in getting this convenient and risk-reducing coverage.

It is not legally required and is also not a requirement to store at Keylock storage however, it is a very affordable and smart option to alleviate any natural risk that may come along with storing personal or business items.

  • Insuring your items in storage is easy. Get insurance when renting through your Keylock storage facility. Our storage experts can help you when you originally rent out the unit or at any time during your renting experience to get coverage from that point moving forward.
  • The policies typically have coverage from $2500 on depending on your desired amount of insurance and covered items and may include a deductible.
  • Private storage insurance offered through Keylock Storage is run through the Store Smart Insurance company and is an extremely affordable way to eliminate risk and keep you sleeping safe at night.