Purchasing and Finding Cheap or Free Boxes

When you’re moving it’s not hard to find cheap or free boxes.  Read below and look around you to find those free box options!

The Grocery Store

  • One of the secrets of getting boxes is to call ahead.  Many grocery stores will be happy to save boxes for you but you need to let them know before they dispose of them
  • Go quickly!  The grocery store is usually everyone’s first idea for free boxes so make sure you’re the first there.
  • Think ahead during moving season – generally the spring through the fall and remember that boxes will be in high demand.


  • Craigslist online will probably be one of your best options for free boxes.  People are who are already moved in want to get rid of their boxes and often post them on Craigslist for free.  Check the “free” section and contact the person listing the boxes.


  • People often want to get rid of their boxes and chances are you know someone who does.  Ask around via text, in person and on social media sites.  People getting rid of boxes will most likely be more than happy to pass them along for free or cheap if you come pick them up yourself.