Picking the Best Lock

If you pick the best lock – you’ve got the best start in keeping your items safe, private, and well kept.  Spending just a little extra to get the best lock may be the best small investment you ever make.

Here are some things to consider when picking your lock:

  • How valuable are your belongings?
    • What are you storing?  Is it your grandmother’s bureau you hope to pass on to your children?  Expensive electronic equipment? Your prized boat?  Determine what the worth of your items is to you and then based on that decide how much you are willing to invest in a lock
  • What Type of Clasp Does Your Unit Have? 
    • Make sure to check your unit door and speak with Keylock’s storage experts at your facility to check that you will have the proper lock for the clasp on your unit.  Not all locks will fit every type of clasp – so check on that before you purchase your lock.
  • Type of Locks
    • Types of locks include: combination, padlocks, single combination locks, high / maximum-security locks. General purpose locks and handy locks