Pharmaceutical Storage

Storing pharmaceuticals is a serious business – if you are doing this you need security, quality control and ease of access.  Storing in a climate-controlled unit is the best way to achieve these vital elements and have the best experience with your pharmaceutical storage.

  • Climate control should be your priority if you’re storing pharmaceuticals.  Keeping the quality and integrity of the product at its best is an absolute requirement.  Health and safety of those taking the drugs is at risk.  Storing in a climate-controlled unit achieves this for you.  Keeping medicines from extreme heat or cold and away from dampness and/or the elements keeps the medicine high and dry and its formula and safety maintained. 
  • Security: pharmaceutical storage will obviously require the highest level of security. Storing with Keylock storage ensures that you will have the highest level of security, modern cameras, secure locks, and on-site managers. 
  • It may be possible to receive packages at the facility if this is more convenient for you.  Check with the facility manager when you are renting the unit. 
  • INSURE your items when storing pharmaceuticals.  Personal storage insurance is an easy and affordable way to protect the value of your precious items.  It is the smart thing to do.  You can find information about this with the local manager or on