Guide to Collecting Antiques

Antique storage is a mainstay for those who love them and antiques are a passion of many – whether they are inherited from family or whether a person is an avid collector and buyer of antiques. Thinking ahead about storing antiques will help preserve their value.

Types of antiques fall into every category: books, furniture, musical instruments, maps, art, textiles, cars, and other vehicles and more. Making sure you store and move them properly is essential.

Guide to Collecting Antiques

Many people are interested in collection antiques and/or buying and selling antiques. This can be a very exciting and profitable venture. Here are some insider tips to get you started.

Options for the antique trade is wide and varied. A great place to get your start is by simply attending garage sales, estate sales and visiting local vintage, consignment, and second-hand shops. But simply finding something old won’t guarantee a quality antique. Investing in the wrong antique, no matter how charming, can highly affect its value if it’s not rare, in good condition or desired in the marketplace. Some things to consider when buying an antique:

  • The condition of the item, if the item is rare or a member of a highly manufactured item from another era. If so, there will probably many of these items already in circulation and may not be valuable
  • The possible market for an item. Think about if this antique is an item or category of item that collectors are drawn to and want to buy. For instance, if you find an antique book of stamps or postcard you are interested in, consider if buyers are interested in those items right now or if that is an over-saturated area of market.
  • If you come across a truly rare antique that is tied to a very specific time or notable previous ownership, provenance will most likely be required – especially if the antique is a highly priced item. Gaining provenance prior to the sale is essential. Knowing if an antique is genuine or not is a deal breaker for many antique buyers before they will even consider the purchase.