Tips for Storing Electronics in Self-Storage

If you’ve got extra computers, monitors, gaming equipment, or other electronics around your home or office that need a place to go while they’re not needed, put them in our self-storage in Pasco, WA. We offer climate-controlled storage units that are perfect for digital storage. Keeping them safe and preserving the longevity of these items is easy with the following three steps. Here’s what to do:

Keep Everything Together

Label everything, we promise it will help you when you need these items again. Take pictures of cords and how the electronics are set up to make sure you know how to put them back together. Colorful stickers will help you know exactly what is what when the time comes to bring them out of self-storage. Place the items in their original packaging if it’s available, if it isn’t, use a safe alternative such as anti-static foam. 

Placement for Storing Electronics

When storing computers or other fragile electronics, keeping them towards the back and off of the floor is optimal. This way, you aren’t disturbing them when you move things in and out of your storage unit and if there is a flood, these valuable items aren’t damaged by water. Also, keep in mind that wrapping electronics in plastic may cause a build-up of condensation or mold, so don’t. 

Invest in Climate-Controlled Storage

To avoid moisture or temperature damaging your electronics, climate-controlled self-storage is the way to go. We at Keylock Storage offer climate-controlled storage in Pasco, WA, and a select few other locations so you can keep your items safe and sound. 

If you’re looking for electronics storage in Pasco, WA, Keylock Storage has you covered. Make sure to keep everything together and properly pack it, then store it towards the back and off the floor of your storage unit. Finally, invest in climate-controlled storage for the optimal digital storage experience.