Appliances Storage

Appliance storage may take just a little bit extra time and care but is worth it to keep these large household items clean, safe and in working order.

Follow the below list to keep your appliances in the best shape:

  • Clean interior and exterior of the appliance thoroughly
  • Drain all liquids and water from all appliances especially freezers and dishwashers
  • Take out removable components and any glass shelves or other pieces and secure in separate packing boxes
  • Run a final cycle on all the appliances to drain out anything excess and clean the appliance unit
  • Make sure all food, food or refuse remnants are cleaned out and disposed of.  Don’t forget to check the bottom of the dishwasher.
  • Solidly secure doors with proper tape that will be strong enough to hold the appliance together and prevent it from opening during the move
  • Choose a proper storage unit size that is tall enough for higher appliances and of course wide enough
  • Place in the moving truck last and in the storage unit first to make sure the appliances are not cluttered, easily accessible and easy to get in and out of the unit.
  • A good tip is to keep open, scent controlling baking soda boxes in each appliance to control odor
  • INSURE your items when storing appliances.  Personal storage insurance is an easy and affordable way to protect the value of your precious items.  It is the smart thing to do.  You can find information about this with the local manager or on