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15601 FM-1325, Austin, TX, 78728

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Storage Customer Reviews

laura brown

1 year ago
In comparison to the surrounding area and having spent a significant amount of time here with various sized units to meet my storage needs on a whims notice, I don't see that placing my money anywhere else would be a smart or beneficial move for me. The only way I'd ever consider moving my stuff out is if the next place was just outright free with the same exact amenities. And I've done some pretty intense research on it to make sure I'm getting the biggest bang for my buck because I rely on every penny to survive. The manager Debbie is one is the most pleasant people to run into when I'm on the grounds and for the price per size/square footage I'm usually here with 2 goals in mind, study and work (I can't do these at home bc of my roommates at home job that has her on a company cell center style phone), and I really appreciate that she doesn't waste my time with senseless small talk, but she will stop and geniunely say Hi, good afternoon, etc....I don't think she's rude in the least and she's never ignored me when she knows I'm here. The security setup helps me actually feel safe to be out here alone as a female with cameras everywhere (that you can see work in the front office) and floodlamps all over the grounds that go off by the slightest motion detection, plus being able to keep my vehicle safe when I'm needing to access my unit by finding a space inside the gates that will not block anyone from their units, and guaranteed secure access to my belongings whenever it's needed (which is VERY CRITICAL since I work FT, trying to start an art business on the side, and I'm in graduate school doing my seminary studies which requires needed access to any one of my 300+ books or old lecture notes at ANY given moment for research papers, speeches, etc...)....these aren't things offered by ANY OTHER storage facility in a 30 mile radius. I called each one I could find a number for. That alone is worth looking into. It's definitely a place for just about any need you may have! The other places around here are truly just out for money and they forgot about the customer service aspect and what the customer needs and how impactful just those are when paid attention to, But StorageMart hasn't. Other than this horrible Texas weather pushing in the typical seasonal creatures running from the weather so far this year (which (1) happens in every storage facility and if they say it doesn't they aren't being so honest right off the bat and not someone you should be doing business with anyways, (2) Happens in your home and apartment too so don't be so surprised because they can't tell the difference between your home and any other building).I know that once the weather stops freaking out then it won't be an issue anymore, that's how it always here In Austin regardless of where you live, store, etc.... Debbie keeps the facility hallways and driveways top notch, and if anything ever sounds or looks out of place she's on it quick - since I'm here a lot studying, working, or sorting through my items I'm selling I've personally seen her carrying these out these cleaning tasks and approaching situations that needed clarification/reminder of their environment. And when she's stepped away from the office, even after hours, she's posted her # for anyone who comes up to the door to be able to record it and reach her.

Danny Cage

1 year ago
Excellent manager and great customer service

Terry Sims

2 years ago
I have used this facility for about 2 years now. Debbie the mrg is very attentive to what's going on here. She keeps it clean and inviting and I see her inspecting the property daily. I own and manage a construction company and rent the largest space available to store my tools and supplies. It's an enormous savings for me from renting a retail space that was pretty much just throwing money away. Access is always easy and the property is completely protected with a secure cyclone fence. I plan to stay here for quite a while. If for nothing else, the savings over the price of retail space is the true value to me.

Shelia Latting

3 years ago
Unfortunate I did not have a good experience. I wasn't aware that the office closed early, I was contacted by the young lady around 11:30 am to ask if I planned on renting on that day I said yes and she began to inform me that the office closed at 12:30 am. I explained to her that I wasn't aware that the office closed at 12:30 and I would be there in the next 10 min. Since I live across from the storage I was there at 11:55 am. The lady was on the phone, based on the conversation I am sure it was personal. I waited for approx. 10 min before she waited on me. Then she informed me that my finance had to be there and I explained to her that wasn't what I was told on the phone. So I asked her to put the storage in my name. She was okay to do that, the entire time I felt she wanted to get me done and out so she could leave. She showed me the storage unit. I asked if there was anything closer and she stated that if there were they would cost more. We never discussed it until on the way back she asked if I wanted her to see what was available. I said that would be wonderful, she still didn't have the best attitude. She looked up closer units but with the increase in price and her attitude I didnt have her make the change. I was disappointment in the service I received. This complaint was reviewed by the Corporate Office, I received a call from the Regional Manager and I must say the company vindicated themselves by making me feel I was heard as well as taken excellent care of my uneasiness. His personal call was welcoming and his generosity was more than expected. The tone of the conversation was pleasant and he gave me additional information that helps me with my rental experience. I do recommend this company to anyone looking for a storage unit; I rented her in the past and never had a bad experience.

Kip Weaver

3 years ago
I have rented a storage unit with Self Storage for over 3 years now and I have Never had any issues with my unit, the site or any employees. It's in a great location for me and Debbie is ALWAYS been very helpful and does everything she can do to help me out. This is a Great storage facility if you are looking for one in the North Austin area.

Danny Cage

2 years ago
Debbie is wonderful, and a joy to work with. She always tries to put the customer first. I'm a long time tenant, and would never have been here this long if it wasn't for her. Thanks Debbie, you're the best!

Robert Dues

2 years ago
This place is excellent! Debbie is very kind and goes out of her way to make you feel appreciated. The rooms and hallways are clean and the security of this facility makes me feel very safe. If you're looking to store your stuff, this is the place to be.

Amanda Sharp

2 years ago
My experience with StorageMart has been really good. Debbie has been really helpful and friendly and this place has the best customer service! She really cares about the facility and about the tenants. Thank you!

Jesse Garza

2 years ago
Debbie, the Manager, is very nice and friendly ! She maintains the property very well.

Lanny Brown

3 years ago
i have used this place to store some of my things and i am very happy with their service.

Jeff Roberts

3 years ago
Debbie was wonderful and had us setup in no time. Great facility and great staff.

Michael Juarez

3 years ago
I had a good experience with getting a storage unit, all was explained. And Management was totally helpful. I have rented before and this was the most pleasant experience.

Sanpro Prods

2 years ago
I have been an active tenant at this Austin location for almost 3yrs. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. Debbie is an amazingly attentive and interactive manager and a stellar individual! KV

Andrew Gipson Richardson

2 years ago
This is by far the best place I have rented- Debbie is a great manager and very helpful- the units are all easy access and the place is immaculate. Highly recommended.

Alex Nevarez

1 year ago
EXCELLENT service! I needed to use Storage Mart while I studied abroad. They are accessible, friendly and their facilities are incredibly clean! I couldn't be happier with the service I received Not to mention their very affordable pricing

Holly Sax

2 years ago
Website worked very well, straight forward and easy to use. Able to reserve a unit online, property manager called promptly the next morning and set everything up. Went in person all paperwork ready to go for signature and setting up security code - from start to finish done in under 15 minutes (including ride to the unit). Friendly service, clean and secure facility, convenient access.

Goddess TT

1 year ago
Good service. Safe.

Anne Finley

1 year ago
Great service & easy to use!

Frank Martinez

1 year ago
Very nice manager and very affordable and close to everything, like this place a lot!!

Beth H

1 year ago
Cindy is extremely helpful. She made a difficult day easier. Great location.

Robert Croll

1 year ago
Very friendly and easy to work with. Rented and moved in within a couple days, no problems at all. Highly recommend

Lori Brummer

10 months ago
Great experience! Very helpful!

Morris McCord

9 months ago
Air Conditioned, high security storage buildings.Our band rehearses in 3 large units

Robyn Thorn

6 months ago
The staff is amazing and the location is perfect.

Morris McCord

1 month ago
Excellent security,clean, well managed...been there 3 years!!

John B.

3 weeks ago
Great biscotti.

Susan Hein

3 years ago
Good pricing and nice storage spaces. The manager was never available when I called, otherwise I would have given a 5 star rating. Also, don't bring your Public Storage lock because their locking mechanisms don't accommodate.them.

point dot view

1 year ago

Kathy Williams

9 months ago
What can you say? It's a storage facility. They have climate controlled and non-climate controlled rooms. The facility is clean and free of bugs and rodents. The staff is helpful and caring. They seem a bit pricey to me. Overall I've had a positive experience renting storage space from Storage Mart.

David Gray

2 years ago
The property manager is extremely unhelpful and has implied multiple suspicious or illegal activities in passing conversation. She is also frequently unavailable during business hours and unreachable despite having two contact numbers. Additionally due to how the manager chooses to park the facility is NOT handicap accessible since the handicap spot is apparently meant for her own personal use. If you plan on paying your bill online and expect to never for any reason ever deal with the manager, you'll be fine but god help your soul otherwise.

Lauren Baker

7 months ago
The people in the office are impossible to get ahold of. I have been calling every day, several times a day and have left voicemails which have not been returned. There is rarely anyone in the office and their hours are ridiculous. The unit itself was decent but the customer service is despicable.

H. Ellis

4 months ago
BAIT AND SWITCH- THEY WILL NOT HONOR THE SPECIALS THEY ADVERTISE!!! The lady kept saying that because they have an asterisk they dont have to change the advertised special! That is just poor business practice!
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Tyler H.

2 years ago
This place is well kept and secure. I use this facility for a side business that I work on outside of normal business hours. I chose this location because...

Jeremy F.

1 year ago
I used this place for a little over a year...I actually had two units - one smaller climate controlled and one medium sized non-climate controlled. I have...

Mark E.

3 years ago
So far, so good. I stopped in to get a unit to help me in my move, and the manager Debbie was very nice, professional, and helpful. The units are nice,...

Joshua H.

4 years ago
This place is clean, safe, secure and has access 24 hours a day( which is it's greatest selling point) It's prices are about the same as all the other...

Cheyenne H.

2 months ago
I had to reschedule my move in twice and they were quick and kind to accommodate me! When I finally made it to move in, everything was a breeze. They...

Annette F.

1 month ago
It was such a good experience, We checked in and got started on storing items without any problem.
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Storage Facility Amenities6 Amenities

  • 24 Hour Access
  • 24 Hour Cameras
  • Boxes & Supplies
  • Climate Control
  • Drive-up Access
  • Online Bill Pay

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