What To Look For In A Summer Job

Alivia Whitaker | June 1, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

There are several factors to consider when thinking about what to look for in a summer job.  If you're a student looking for seasonal work, consider these aspects below when thinking about your summer job.

What To Look For In A Summer Job : Money

This first category should be obvious - when looking at student summer job options think about the money!  You want to make sure that you are making the money you need over the summer to get you through your next semesters of school. Carefully calculate what your expenses are. Think about how much student aid you will have coming in and what your school fees are.  Doing the math ahead of time will help you precisely calculate how much you need to make at your job over the summer.

What To Look For In A Summer Job : Resume

Second - look at your summer job as an opportunity for the future. Not just as a temporary job to make money!  Chances are you aren’t going to be getting a summer job that is your future dream employment.  However, you can utilize this time to gain experience that will help you after college and look great on a resume.  Think about taking this experience to help you get a better summer job next year or even be applicable to your post-school career.

Many places of work offer paid internships or will even help with school expenses.  If you have to start working somewhere free for awhile, do that on top of your summer job part time.   Many places you may be interested in working or getting experience might not currently offer an advertised position.  But many employers would be interested and impressed if you came to them with a proposal for part time work or even job shadowing.  Offer to work for free or as an apprentice for a period of time then propose to the employer after the trial period to then get paid.  Work very hard, become valuable to them and likelihood is they will hire you on after!

What To Look For In A Summer Job : Experience

Finally, don’t discount the lifestyle and experience you will be having over the summer.  When you think about what to look for in a summer job consider your values.

Do you like to travel?  Many tourist locations love to hire college students in the summer.  Getting a job further away might satisfy your financial needs and your desire to travel and explore.   Want to get your career up and running?  Consider a location that is heavy in your desired field and apply there.  Do you want to get ahead in your schooling?  Look into on-campus jobs and concurrently take summer classes.  Think about if your prefer outdoor work, indoor work and the age of people you’ll be working with.  This is what you’re going to do all day every day all summer, so consider the environment along with the other important factors in what to look for in a summer job.

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