What To Do With A Spare Room In Your House - 3 Simple and Effective Home Ideas

Alivia Whitaker | April 6, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Have you ever thought what to do with a spare room in your house?  If you finally cleared out all that clutter and got extra space in your home the possibilities are endless!  Here are easy ways to utilize that extra bedroom or space in your home and maximize your home space potential.

Combine Your Guest Room With Your Home Office

You don't have to sacrifice the guest room to have a home office - you can do both!  If you're thinking about what to do with a spare room in your house - think home office.  A home office is helpful to anyone even if you don't work from home or run a business.  If you pay bills, do any work on the computer or have a student in your household, a home office is a must!  It's easy to combine a guest room with a home office.  Simply adding a desk, space for writing and/or a computer and a simple file cabinet is the perfect start!  Your desk doesn't have to be fancy or expensive.  Even using a simple piece of furniture such as a parsons desk can do the trick.  You can find something like this here.

If you're short on space no worries!  The first step is to clear out clutter.  If you have storage in your spare bedroom or other space, utilize a storage unit to free up your home "real estate" that can be put to other uses.  It's worth the small investment!  Find storage units near you here.

There are many creative ways to add on office in a small bedroom or other home space.  This can easily be multifunctional.  One way is to utilize any closet space for an office area.  Have you ever thought of adding a desk or building a desk IN the closet space?  This is a great and efficient use of space and a natural area for a desk.  You can find instructions on how to do a built in desk in a closet here.  This is also a bonus because you can add built in or removable shelving and maximize your storage.

An Easy Way To Start Your Home Gym

Starting a home gym may seem intimidating or expensive but it doesn't have to be!  You may want to invest in a treadmill or other home workout equipment but if thats not in the budget right now - never fear!  Starting a home gym can be as easy as clearing out a space and adding a yoga mat, exercise ball and a few weights. Making a simple home gym is a great idea for what to do with a spare room.  You could save thousands on a gym membership by making a designated workout space at home.

With all the great workout material available online you can start working out vigorously from home simply by using your iPad, TV or even your phone!  Many free workouts are available on YouTube or other websites.  If you want something a little more structured there are many guided work outs and exercises available remotely via subscription services.  Most of these require little equipment - just your sweat and effort!

Find affordable, basic gym equipment like this online and at retailers.

Craft / Creating / Hobby Space

Are you a crafter or other type of hobbyist?  Have you dreamed of turning your creative hobby into an etsy shop or small business?  Well, if you take the time to clear out the clutter and reorganize your home you can have the dedicated space to do just that!  Reclaim your kitchen table and or family room from your hobby supplies littered throughout your home and turn a small area in your home to a designated creating space.

If you're a wood or metal worker this might mean a space in the garage.  If you enjoy crafting, jewelry making, or simply love holiday decor and gift wrapping - a closet or small area in the house will probably do!  You can use the closet to office trick as listed above and create some type of desk or counter space easily and cheaply.   Other great hacks include using everyday household objects to organize crafting and creating supplies.  Find a great resource for that here.

Starting a creating space may be as simple as a desk and a comfy chair.  Start now.  If you need to store to gain back that space - do it!  Don't put off achieving your dreams and think about what to do with a spare room in your house.  Whether your dreams include starting a business, enjoying a hobby or working out more - do it today by clearing and organizing a space in your home!

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