What Not to Put in Self-Storage

Admin | March 27, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Though most things can be kept in storage units, there are some materials that should absolutely never be kept in self-storage. Other things require extra care - such as electronics and collector’s items. Certain items are sensitive to temperature and humidity, so climate-controlled storage is the best option. Here’s a quick run-down on what can and can’t be kept in a self-storage unit.

Never Store These

Living organisms, chemicals, flammable materials, and perishable foods should never be kept in storage units. Plants and animals can’t live in these dark conditions and storing fertilizer or other chemicals can lead to a disaster quickly. Perishable food items will spoil even faster than in your home because storage units can get very hot or very cold depending on the time of year, especially self-storage in Boise, ID. None of these things should ever be kept in self-storage. 

Items that Need Climate-Control

Electronics, non-perishable foods, and other sensitive items can be stored in climate-controlled storage units. Make sure these items are packed properly, especially collector’s items such as books or documents, to ensure their longevity. Investing in climate-controlled storage is a wise option when keeping anything that is sensitive to temperature or humidity, so analyze what you’ll be storing carefully. 

Items Easily Stored

Furniture, seasonal items, clothing, cars, and pretty much everything else can be put in a regular storage unit without climate control. Items that aren’t sensitive to temperature or humidity are easily kept in great condition with most any self-storage option. Documents and other papers don’t necessarily need climate-controlled storage if they are properly packed, so make sure you do so. 

Now that you know what cannot be stored, it’s time to put the belongings that can be into our self-storage facilities. Just ask Google for “storage near me” if you’re in Boise, ID. Enquire today and find the perfect sized unit at the right price with Keylock Storage.