Simplify Your Spring: The Ultimate Easy Spring Cleaning Guide

Alivia Whitaker | March 9, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Spring has sprung and that means it’s time to clean - use this easy spring cleaning guide to do it the best way !

Spring Cleaning Guide Tip 1: De-Clutter and Re-organize

This first tip is a no-brainer!  Everyone knows that spring cleaning means clearing out the house and getting rid of what you don’t need!  De-cluttering, however, is about more than just throwing stuff out.  This spring cleaning guide suggests that you also organize and make your home / office / care more functional!

This means investing in storage bins, organizing tools like shoe hangers and assessing what you need quick access to and what can be stored for later use.  Are you sick of those Christmas decorations taking up space in your garage you could be using for something else?  That’s easy!  Invest in a storage unit to store those things you don’t want to part with but just don’t access everyday.  Keylock Storage has units of all sizes from very small units to RV sizes.

Freeing up long term storage items in your home will give you the gift of space which can be utilized for every day functionality.

Keylock has an excellent and unique storage guide for all types of items.  The guide details the how / what / where and why of storing and walks you through it step by step.  Items like wedding dresses, instruments and antiques are all included.  Go check it out HERE.

Spring Cleaning Guide Tip 2: Identify Zones

Nothing will contribute to functionality and organized daily living like establishing zones in your home.  Identify specific areas and what your daily needs are and then utilize on organization system for that space.  An obvious example is a kitchen pantry.  However, that pantry can be even further utilized when inexpensive organizing bins are used to create functionality within the pantry.  For example, create a bin for snacks like chips, one for boxed foods, etc.

Another example is turning your “junk” drawer into a functional “key” drawer or other type of space.  Use small, thin, rectangular organizing bins to separate and organize items that usually get lost in a traditional junk drawer.  These shallow bins can create a place for keys, batteries, pens and more to go back each time they are used.  You could even affix labels to the bottom of the bin to remember where each item should be located. 

Spring Cleaning Guide 3: Invite The Outdoors Inside

And finally, what would spring be like without green and the beautiful outdoors?  Bring that freshness and life into your home.  You can do this is many ways.  One easy way to feel the outdoors inside more is to power wash your windows.  Nothing makes you feel spring like a beautiful view of outside.  

Another easy way is to add plants to your home.  Purchase some inexpensive indoor planters or baskets and add some plant life to your living space.  Another way to utilize nature in your home during the spring is to create a pleasant and flowing indoor to outdoor space.  This may mean re-arranging your deck furniture or clearing the space by the back door.  Maybe this is the year you want to start barbecuing!  Whatever that looks like for you - find a way to invite yourself outside of your home more often.

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