Top 5 Things to Do in he Summer Mead, WA

The Keylock Team | September 13, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Welcome to Mead, a beautiful suburb of Spokane with a population of a little over 7,000. Mead gives off a small-town feel, but we think there are still plenty of things that you can do if you come to visit or decide to move here. 

Here are five things that we recommend. 


Cat Tales Wildlife Center

If you love felines and canines, then Cat Tales Wildlife Center is a must-see park. Located on N Newport Hwy, this is more than a zoo. It’s a home for animals rescued in the wild, many of which would not make it if released. 

The center acts as shelter, veterinarian, and family to these gorgeous animals. As of this writing, the park has 21 felines including bobcats, African lions, pumas, and various tigers. There are also 12 canines, which include coyotes, wolf dogs, arctic foxes, red foxes, as well as two black bears. If you want to support the center, visit the website to become a member. 


Walters’ Fruit Ranch

While you’re out enjoying the summer in Mead, a nice place to stop for a treat and to buy some groceries is Walters’ Fruit Ranch. Located on E Day Rd, the ranch holds special picking events where you can pick your produce off trees. During these events, there’s live music, food, and drinks. What’s available depends on the season, and you can bet there’s pumpkin picking in October.  

The ranch also holds festivals with children’s rides, a caramel apple booth, a gift shop, a play area, and more.


Hidden Acres Orchard

Yes, there’s more than one fun farm to visit here in Mead. Another we recommend is Hidden Acres Orchard on Applewood Ln, which you’ll find on Green Bluff near Mt. Spokane. Purchase already-picked produce, or pick your own. They sell berries, fruit, jelly, jam, syrup, and various types of butter. Grab a take-and-bake pie for a tasty dessert.

You can even go camping here. Hidden Acres offers “Camping in the Orchard,” where you can rent one of their beautiful tent setups or bring your tent. If staying overnight isn’t your thing, you may enjoy their narrated tours for kids and adults.


Mrs. Kalin's Barn

Here’s another u-pick farm, because our farms are important to us here. The thing is, each of the farms we’ve included in this list offers something unique. These are wonderful places to visit in the summer or any time of year.

The orchard has Mrs. Kalin’s Barn blackberries, cherries, peaches, and raspberries for you to pick and purchase. The gift store offers more than you may expect, including home decor, handbags, clothing, and fine jewelry.

Mrs. Kalin’s Barn also welcomes celebrations. You can book the site for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and more. Check out the website to see just how lovely this place is.


John H. Shields Park

John H. Shields Park is in Spokane, near Mead, near Upriver Dam. This is a great place to go hiking, climb some rocks, and ride along a mountain bike trail. There are just 20 parking spaces, so we recommend arriving early. Wear a hat and sunscreen. The park is filled with beautiful pines and other trees as well as grassy areas. Bring a picnic and enjoy the shade. You can download a map of the park from the linked website.

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