Top 5 Neighborhoods in Pendleton, OR

The Keylock Team | May 24, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Pendleton is a rural community in Oregon with 16,700 residents. The Umatilla River runs through town and residents often fish for salmon and steelhead. The winters here are short and cool, and summers get hot.

This small town has some fun places to visit, including Pendleton Center for the Arts, Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts, and the Umatilla Indian Reservation. Fun events include the annual rodeo, Pendleton Roundup and the Festival of Trees.

Major businesses in town include Pendleton Woolen Mills, which makes wool shirts, blankets, and more, East Oregon Correctional Institution, where inmates make ”Prison Blues” denim clothes, and St. Anthony Hospital.

Schools in the are part of the Pendleton School District and include Sunridge Middle School, Sherwood Heights Elementary, McKay Grade School, Washington Elementary School, and Pendleton High School.

In Pendleton, the median income is $46,000 and the median home price is $193,700, though home prices and rents vary depending on the neighborhood you move to.


Cayuse / Tutuilla

Even for rural Pendleton, this area is sparsely populated. You’ll find grassy prairies and stands of deciduous trees along country roads, with homes well-spaced apart. Homes in the Cayuse / Tutuilla area sell for, on average, about $310,000, and apartments rent for $875. Most of the houses are three to four-bedroom single-family homes.

If you like living close to town while still living in the country, where there are plenty of open spaces, then you should consider this neighborhood. Historic Downtown Pendleton is 25 minutes away from the center of this area, but with no traffic, it’ll feel like it’s next door.


City Center

Even the most populous neighborhood in Pendleton has a sparse suburban feel. In the City Center neighborhood, you’ll find charming, one to four-bedroom homes priced around $245,000, while the average apartment rent is $1,050.

This is also the neighborhood with the Pendleton Convention Center, the Pendleton Family Aquatic Center public pool, plus shopping and restaurants. The neighborhood is north of McKay Reservoir. It’s also home to Blue Mountain Community College.



This neighborhood rests to the north of City Center, and, like Cayuse / Tutuilla, is as sparsely populated an area as you’ll find anywhere. The southern part of the neighborhood is home to Eastern Oregon Regional Airport. You’ll also find Pendleton Adventure Trails Recreational Area here, a great place to go on a hike, run, or ride a mountain bike.

In fact, most of the homes are in the southern part of the neighborhood south of the airport. The median home value is $210,000, while the average rent is around $1,000 for an apartment.


Rieth / Nolin

Southwest of City Center is the Rieth / Nolin neighborhood, where the median real estate price is $210,000 and the average rent is $1,300. You’ll find single-family and mobile homes, and the sizes range from one to four-bedrooms. Most of the homes here are so close to City Center that they may feel like the same neighborhood.

This is a pretty area with a sparse suburban feel, lots of trees, and golden hills in the distance. You can head over to Pendleton Community Park, west of McKay Creek, which has lots of green space and two baseball fields. As mentioned, this neighborhood is so close to downtown that it’s easy to get to shopping and entertainment.


SE Court Avenue

Just to the east of City Center is the smallest neighborhood, geographically, on your list, Southeast Court Avenue. This area has a decidedly urban feel with mostly small and medium-sized homes, as well as apartment buildings.  The median home price is just $136,500, while the average rent is $1,133.

This area includes the Pendleton Fire Department and Washington Elementary School. It’s also so close to downtown you’ll find it easy to go shopping and more.

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