How To Survive Your DIY Project

Alivia Whitaker | January 19, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

How To Survive Your DIY Project

You had that brilliant home improvement idea and now you’re in the midst of trying to survive your DIY project.  Never fear!  Here is how to survive and thrive through any DIY task:

Start Small

If you’ve never approached a “Do It Yourself” or “DIY” project, don’t go straight for something big.  Instead of starting with replacing the hardwood, a furniture-painting project might be better for you to begin.

Honestly assess your skills, goals, time and budget and make sure the DIY project you’ve picked is one that is achievable.  If you get in over your head right away, you may back out and never attempt DIY again!

Check Your Sources

One amazing thing about the current DIY world is that so many wonderful free sources are available online to teach you how to tackle your project.  YouTube has many free lessons and tutorials on almost every home improvement topic.  But be wary – check reviews and comments and do your homework to make sure where you’re getting advice is legitimate and won’t encourage you to do something that won’t work or is against safe practices.  Doing your research right the first time is one of the best tools to survive your DIY project!

US News listed reputable websites for DIY beginners in a 2015 article.  Sites included: Apartment Therapy and The Family Handyman.

Bring In Help

If you’re simply re-decorating or painting, DIY may be the perfect way for you to go.  However, if you’re renovating your home or moving into more sophisticated home projects such as electrical or plumbing, you may want to bring in the experts.  There is no shame in enlisting help or expertise for the parts of your project you’re unfamiliar with, while leaving less complicated aspects up to you!

One Room At A Time

This tip is especially important in surviving your DIY project – particularly if you are living in the home.  Make sure you tackle your projects room by room and leave yourself functioning living space amidst the project.  This will keep you from being overwhelmed and giving you a sense of accomplishment with the completion of each room.

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