Summer Vacation Packing Hacks

Alivia Whitaker | July 28, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Hurray you're going on summer vacation - save the hassle and be a pro by following our easy and efficient summer vacation packing hacks!

Summer Vacation Packing Hacks: The Roll Up System

Summer is great for packing because clothing is less bulky and takes up less space.  But rain or shine you'll want to maximize the space in your suitcase!  No list of vacation packing hacks would be complete without the "roll up" trick!

The "roll up" packing hack is simple: instead of folding clothes in your suitcase - simply roll them up!  By rolling clothing, you'll take up less space in your suitcase.  It also makes packing and unpacking so much easier as each piece of clothing is more easily moved and stored.

Find a popular YouTube video HERE that demonstrates rolling clothing

Summer Vacation Packing Hacks: Get Water Accessories Ahead Of Time

Whether you're going to the beach or the lake, you'll want your water toys!  That includes floaties, pool inflatables, and sand toys.  To hack this problem, buy the water toys AHEAD of time and keep them in their packaging.  Resist the urge to use them before your trip.  

By keeping them deflated and assembled, they will be clean and easy to pack and take up less room.  Also, depending on where you go, it may be difficult to find water accessories.  If you're going somewhere warm, it's also highly likely they may be out of stock or overpriced.

Summer Vacation Packing Hacks: Sunscreen and Insect Repellant

Make sure to bring sunscreen and insect repellent. Sunscreen can be quite expensive at travel destinations.  Especially when you're going to tropical places.  Also, if you have special skin concerns or need a certain level of sunscreen SPF make sure to pack your particular brand ahead of time.  You don't want to ruin your entire trip by getting a sunburn!

Also, one often overlooked aspect of good weather packing is insect repellent!  Whether you're going to the mountains or Hawaii, chances are you're going to need insect repellent.  This is especially important for children and infants as they can be extra susceptible to diseases carried by insects.  

Check out infant/child safe sunscreen HERE and insect repellent HERE.

Summer Vacation Packing Hacks: Pack An Extra Bag For Wet Clothing

You may have planned ahead as far as the beach, but did you consider after you swim?  One of the best summer vacation packing hacks is bringing an extra, empty bag for your wet things!  No one wants to ride home in their wet swim suit and no one wants to sully dry items in a bag with used, wet clothing.

Save the problem with this hack - bring waterproof bags to store your wet items and save the rest.  For a list of great waterproof bags go HERE

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