How To Have A Successful Garage Sale

Alivia Whitaker | May 3, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

When the weather turns nice, garage sales start popping up on every other street - here are the steps in how to have a successful garage sale !

Organization and Presentation

Everyone knows that garage sales are a sale of other people’s old stuff.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t jazz the presentation up a bit!  Having your garage sale organized and in a pleasant presentation will set you apart from the competition.  It will also draw in and engage buyers.  Having your used inventory look nice will excite buyers and spur them to purchase.

Ways to improve your garage sale presentation:

  • Have clothing folded, hung and organized by type, gender and size
  • Have clearly labeled signs indicating categories
  • Use rolling or stationary clothing racks to hang items, making them easy to peruse
  • Lay out toys or other item types on a table so they are easy to see and inspect
  • Have clear signage and display prices clearly and accurately

Accessibility and Plug-Ins

Another pro “how-to” in how to have a successful garage sale is to make items accessible and easy to test.  For your racks of clothing, make sure it’s not overly stuffed and can be flipped through easily.  If there are knick knacks or dishes to inspect, make sure there is space to walk up and examine them.

If you are selling anything electronic like small appliances or a treadmill - have a power plug out for potential buyers to plug in the item and make sure it works.

Ease of walking between items, accessibility and signange guidance are key in how to have a successful garage sale.  Make things easy for the buyer so the only thing they have to worry about is spending their money on your items!

Signage and Advertising Online

The key to any successful sale is marketing!  It is crucial to have garage sale signs pointing drivers to your home.  However, do not underestimate the power of online advertising!  Posting on your personal social media sites as well as neighborhood sites like NextDoor and buying and selling sites like Craigslist, can generate interest in your garage sale and possibly even start a bidding war on popular items!

When advertising your garage sale online, make sure to include quality, clear pictures of the items.  Make a pretty comprehensive list of types of items you will be selling, making sure to specifically list high interest items.

If you get your garage sale out online, it can bring in motivated buyers that may have never found your garage sale simply from driving by.

Make sure to organize, have good presentation, price everything, have good accessibility, great signing and advertising in the “how-to” of how to have a successful garage sale!

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