Storing As A Student : Why Self-Storage Might Be Right For You

Alivia Whitaker | June 4, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Have you ever thought about student self-storage ? If you're having a university experience, you’ve got a lot of things on your checklist to get ready.  Don’t forget to think about and add student storage to that list.  

The Why Of Student Self-Storage

Traveling away for college and determining where to put all you “stuff” can get frustrating.  During your college experience, you also move around for study abroad, summer jobs, internships and traveling.  Self-storage is a huge benefit for these things as you will always have a home base for your “stuff” and know right where it is when you need it.  “Mom’s House” might not always be the best option to leave those important items that won’t fit in a dorm room.  A lot of parents like to make their college kids bedrooms into offices or work out rooms and some are even notorious for giving all your prized belongings away!

The Benefits of Student Self-Storage

  • Space.  Even if you’re not staying in the dorms, students housing is rarely going to provide you with plenty of space.  Keeping your favorite skis, photographs, important documents, mementos, bedroom furniture and more in one spot and safe during the time you won’t need to access them much.
  • Mom can send it to you.  If you store close to home and do need something – you can always send a family member or friend to access your unit and send it on to you at college.
  • Near campus.  If you don’t have room and need to get rid of that clutter – store close to campus!  Keylock Storage has many locations close to multiple universities and easy to get to at that.  Keylock Storage offers units large and small to keep your belongings in one place and close when you need it.
  • Clothing.  One thing students might not think about is rotating clothing.  If you go to college in an area with seasons year-round, you’ll need to have off-season clothing available until you need it.  Big winter coats and other seasonal items can take up a lot of room when you don’t even need them!
  • Store with friends.  Going in on a storage unit is a great option for student storage and can limit the cost while providing the storage you need.

The Considerations of Student Self-Storage

Keep yourself organized, clutter-free and less stressed by utilizing student self-storage with Keylock!  Plan, pack well and then forget about that extra item on your “To-Do” List!

Make sure to consider the below: 

  • How is the security of my facility?
  • What are the facility features offered for the price I am paying?
  • Does my storage company offer auto-pay or another convenient payment option to keep me from falling behind?
  • Do I need to provide my own lock and does the facility sell locks and other packing materials?
  • What am I allowed to store at this facility? 

For more information on student self-storage go HERE.  For packing and storage tips go HERE

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