What Self Storage Managers Wish Their Tenants Knew

Alivia Whitaker | April 8, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Have you ever wondered what your self storage manager might really be thinking?  Keylock Storage has for you 3 things virtually every self storage manager wish their tenants knew!

Buy Insurance 

Many people when they buy self storage don't take into consideration all the factors.  As most self storage units are built well and made of metal and concrete, a lot of tenants just take that for granted and don't consider all of the risks that are outside of the facility manager's control.

If your self storage manager could tell you anything, it would be to - buy insurance!  Buying insurance for the belongings in your unit is inexpensive.  Keylock Storage offers insurance to all of it's tenants and it covers things your homeowners policy likely won't.

Although facilities are built well it's always posssible a fellow tenant isn't following rules and or a roof springs a leak without the manager's knowledge and items could be damaged.  To curtail this problem, an easy solution is to buy insurance. 

Managers Can't Do Everything

Another things almost every self storage manager wish their tenants knew was that self storage managers can't do everything.  Not every manager is also the owner and so many times things tenants would like are entirely out of thei control.

For instance, often doing things like waiving fees are not up to the manager and something they have no power to provide. 

On Keylock Storage's blog they stated,

"Remember That The Manager Is An Employee, Not An Owner

One way you can continue to have an effective relationship with your local self storage manager is by remembering that self storage managers are usually employees, not owners. Most of the time they have little to no control over the rent prices and general policies they are enforcing. If you have an issue with a fee, remember that getting upset at a manager likely won’t accomplish anything as most of the time they do not have the power to waive fees or change policy."

Be The Kind Of "Neighbor" You Would Want

And finally, self storage managers wish their tenants knew that they should be the kind of "neighbor" that they would want to have.  

As a tenant in a self storage unit, you are in essence a "neighbor' to your fellow tenants.  Thats one reason that self storage facilities have rules - your behavior affects others around you.  If you break the rules and have things that aren't allowed that could attract rodents, cause spills or other problems - you're not being a good neighbor.

Remember that you want to keep your belongings secure and so does everyone else in the facility.  So please - remember to be the kind of "neighbor" you would want. 

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