Best Tips To Have An Effective Relationship With Your Self Storage Manager

Alivia Whitaker | March 3, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Utilizing self storage is just like any business relationship - it can be good or bad and there are good and bad ways to approach it. Keylock Storage has the roadmap for you on the best way to work with Self Storage Managers in order to have the best experience possible when using self storage. Some of the tips may surprise you!

Communication Is Key

Just like any relationship, working with your local self storage manager requires great communication. Keylock Storage managers are trained to be clear with the tenant about things like renting, tenant insurance and fees and we ask that you be clear with our managers so we can offer you the best possible experience.

Clearly Express Your Needs

When working with self storage managers, especially when initially renting and selecting a unit, make sure you are clear with the manager about what your are storing and what your specific needs and expectations are. By clearly expressing that, the manager will be able to tell you what your best unit size would be and let you know you amenities and offerings.

Ask Questions

Make sure you ask questions! If you’re not clear about something, or don’t understand a policy, please ask! Managers can’t clear up misconceptions or help the tenant with issues they are not aware of. Unclear if something can be stored or is covered under tenant insurance? Want to know how fast the facility fills up and what units are most popular? Just ask!

Send Emails

Another great way to effectively communicate with your local self storage manager is by using email. Email is a great way to have a dated paper trail for reference for both you and the manager. Did you know at Keylock Storage that “Intent To Vacate” notices can sent through email, which makes it dated and helps clear up misunderstandings.

2. Remember That The Manager Is An Employee, Not An Owner

One way you can continue to have an effective relationship with your local self storage manager is by remembering that self storage managers are usually employees, not owners. Most of the time they have little to no control over the rent prices and general policies they are enforcing. If you have an issue with a fee, remember that getting upset at a manager likely won’t accomplish anything as most of the time they do not have the power to waive fees or change policy.

3. Be An Informed Tenant

And finally, a great way to maintain a good working relationship with your local self storage manager is to be aware of all the rules, policies and procedures of your facility and the conditions of your contract. By arming yourself with this information, you are likely to avoid many problems in the first place that could put you in an awkward position with the manager.

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