Self-Storage for Millennials - Why It Makes Sense

Alivia Whitaker | September 20, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

Millennials seem to be the Internet’s favorite topic these days. And one reason for that may be that they are arguably the most unique generation yet. As the largest generation in history, even larger than the Baby Boomer set, the Millennial Generation exhibits overall behaviors much different than their predecessors. Finding out more about this generation only goes to show how ideal storage is for millennials.

Millennials are delaying purchasing a home, wait longer to have families and are more plugged in to technology than anyone before them. Because of these and other factors, self-storage is a match made in heaven for the mobile Millennial.  And here’s why:

  1. Smaller Spaces, Shorter Stays
    • Research shows that Millennials tend to rent for longer periods of time, are more nomadic and even live with parents far longer than generations before them.  Enter self-storage.  Relatively in-expensive month-to-month self-storage is an ideal situation for the Millennial above described.  Having a place to store their stuff, keep it safe, easily accessible and without a long term contract is the perfect solution for the non-committed nomad.  Someone less interested in owning a home and growing a family would find the perfect solution in self-storage to have a home base for their belongings even amidst moves, job changes and apartment living.
  2. Self-Storage Made Quick, Convenient And Fast
    • The self-storage industry has never been accused of being sexy – but it doesn’t need to be.  Members of the Millennial class are more plugged in than ever, are used to making consumer choices using online reviews, mobile apps, and ease of use.  And self-storage is meeting all those demands.  Most storage facilities now offer online payment portals, auto-pay, mobile sites, bullet lists of features and the ability to rent online.  It’s never been easier for someone to find the self-storage unit they need and move into it.  Self storage is for millennials.
  3. Access Is Everything – Owning Can Wait
    • In the days of Uber, Amazon Subscribe and Save, Craigslist, Online grocery delivery and crowdsourcing – in today’s world you don’t have to own to have access to almost anything you need.
    • Goldman Sachs reports:
      • “It’s not just homes: Millennials have been reluctant to buy items such as cars, music and luxury goods. Instead, they’re turning to a new set of services that provide access to products without the burdens of ownership, giving rise to what's being called a "sharing economy."
    • 24-hour access, coded electronic gates and drive-up unit access are music to the easy-access-loving Millennial and self-storage delivers it all.