COVID-19: Safely Accessing Your Storage Unit in Boise Idaho

Admin | April 27, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Few people have experience with an emergency situation such as a viral pandemic like COVID-19, and even fewer have ever experienced a quarantine before. During times like this, it's important to have access to emergency supplies and to know how to access them safely. 

That's why we created a complete guide about the general emergency supplies you should store away and how to access them in your self-storage in Boise, ID, without putting you or your family at risk in the process. Most of the tips are simple and practical, but not always things that someone would think of on their own. 

You never know what’s going to happen next, so get a head start on preparing for the next unexpected emergency so that you're ready to react, or start your emergency cache right now and make sure you're comfortable if quarantine gets extended further or we go into another quarantine. 

Choosing Your Storage Supplies

In order to make the most of your gear, you need to select the supplies you stockpile in your storage units with care. Choose items that will help you prepare for emergencies effectively and that will allow you to restock your supplies at home as needed.

It's always good to stock up on first aid supplies like bandages, ointments, medications, gauze, and other refill items. Also consider stocking disinfectants, disinfectant wipes, alcohol, bleach, face masks, gloves, and other supplies to help you disinfect and protect yourself during a viral outbreak. 

Add additional survival equipment such as a radio, flashlights, extra batteries, water purification tablets, water filters, a tent, and other items to help you live effectively during a range of emergencies Also consider a change of clothes for everyone in your family and perhaps a small hygiene kit with soap, shampoo and a compact shaving kit just in case.

You have no way of knowing what to expect in the next emergency, which is why it's important to prepare for as much as you can while keeping your storage footprint small. 

Some people opt for storing food and large containers of water in their storage. We recommend keeping food at home, even the non-perishable variety so that it's readily available and less likely to be damaged by pests. Keep re-supply items in your storage so you can keep more food at home. 

Only Access Your Supplies When Necessary

In order to minimize your risk of being infected with a virus during a major outbreak, only go to your storage unit when you absolutely need to. For most people that's every two to four weeks. Try and treat your self-storage like a store that you shop at to re-supply your materials and tools at home.

As long as you don't visit too frequently, and you select a secure and spread out facility like Keylock Storage to house your emergency gear, you'll be prepared for emergencies and you'll keep your risk of exposure to a minimum as well. 

Visit During Off-Hours

It is vital that you visit your storage unit during off-hours during the coronavirus if you want to minimize your exposure to other people. It's also a good idea to visit an emergency cache storage during off-hours as a general practice because it helps keep your supplies a secret from other people. This means visiting in the early morning or late at night when most people are at home.

Visit during one of these times when you believe the facility will be empty and gauge how many other people are at the location. If it's empty, stop in and get your supplies. If it's busy, try a different time during off-hours to stop in. Take care to wear gloves and/or disinfect the touchpad to open the gate as well as any door handles you have to touch to get to your unit. Wipe down your lock and the handle for your door before you open it as well. 

As long as you stop to think about what you're putting in your unit, and you only access your supplies occasionally, you should be able to stay safe while re-supplying as you need to.

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