Safe and Easy Christmas Storage - Ideas, Tips and Tricks

Alivia Whitaker | December 27, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

Safe and Easy Christmas Storage - Ideas, Tips and Tricks

The holidays are over and you don’t want to be “that” house that has Christmas lights up long past the holiday and hasn’t got to your Christmas storage.  It’s time to get out your heavy coat and take down the holiday decor.  It may be tempting to toss all of Christmas quickly back in the garage, but by following the below tips, you can safely and wisely store keeping things preserved and easy to hang next year.

Spool Christmas Storage - Store Lights Around Cardboard 

One of the best tips for Christmas storage is simply spool Christmas lights around a piece of square cardboard or other object such as a spool or even a hanger.  Keeping those lights untangled does several things for you:

  1. It keeps things organized and easy for next year
  2. It preserves the bulbs and keeps the lights intact, in working order
  3. It keeps things safe and fire resistant

Store Holiday Stuff The Smart Way

Place your extra wrapping paper upright in a garment bag and hang in the closet to save space and headache.  If you don’t have closet space, put the wrapping paper spools upright in a trash can for easy access.  Another good trick is to store Christmas ribbon spools around a cheap paper towel holder.  You can leave the ribbon on this next year for easy access while wrapping.  Use a wine box or even an empty egg carton to separately store ornaments and keep them from shattering.

Cool Tools to Increase Safety and Efficiency 

Use reliable and well-rated step ladders when taking down Christmas lights and decor.   Do this in order to stay safe and get your Christmas storage job going quick and successfully.  If you need an extra “hand” a great tool is the handy hook.  The handy hook is an attachment for a telescoping pole.  Using tools like this will help you get those tall Christmas lights down, especially the ones in difficult to reach areas.

Also, be sure to take down outside Christmas decor when you still have plenty of light and always have a spotter nearby in case of any falls or emergency.

A little thought ahead of time and applying these tips will do a lot in making your Christmas storage experience a better one!

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