How To Rotate and Store Your Seasonal Decor

Alivia Whitaker | March 21, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

From St. Patricks Day to Easter or Halloween - if you like to decorate year round, here’s how to rotate and store seasonal decor.

Divide and Conquer

The first step in how to rotate and store seasonal decor is to organize it!  Gather everything you use for seasonal decor.  This could include holiday decorations, summer decor items or anything that has a seasonal shelf life.  Find a space in your garage or other area of your home to lay it all out and divide it up by type.  

You might want to consider grouping fragile items together, wreaths or door hangings together and of course, divide and organize by season and theme.

Safely Store

Make wise use of proper storage techniques to keep your seasonal decor long lasting and in tip top shape.   Keylock Storage has an extensive storage guide which details how to properly store items including household items such as decor. 

Make use of plastic storage bins with tight fitting lids and other proper storage tools to keep your decor safe and in good condition.  The Keylock Storage Guide says:

  • You can often find specialty boxes, organizers, and holiday décor holders online or in stores. Plastic ornament boxes can be found that are pre-divided and keep each ornament separate from each other and packed safely.
  • Pack each fragile item such as ornaments with soft paper and divide as well as you can.
  • Label each décor box by season and type of décor
  • Pack garlands in separate boxes to avoid getting garland pieces throughout the rest of the packed décor.
  • Twist tie linens around garlands to keep all together and avoid twisted branches or smashed edges.
  • Wrap holiday lights around bare cardboard tubes to avoid tangling.
  • Place knick-knacks in smaller separate Ziploc bags and label each bag before setting in larger moving boxes.

Stack and Pack Smart

When you put your decor away, pack it into the space in order of holiday or time of year you intend to use it.  Place the heaviest boxes on the bottom and create some kind of order that allows you the ability to rotate through the boxes and storage and easily put back.  

This is essential as you will be accessing this storage throughout the year.  You want a quick clean up!

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