How To Protect Your Home On Summer Vacation: Our Easy 4 Step Guide

Alivia Whitaker | July 28, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

If you're heading off on summer vacation this year, make your you know how to protect your home.  Luckily, with our guide below, you can easily do this is four simple steps.

How To Protect Your Home: Security System

It may seem obvious, but getting a security system is one of the best deterrents for crime.  The logic is pretty simple - if someone enters your home and an alarm goes off, 9 times out of 10 the burglar will immediately leave. There is most likely nothing in your home that is worth the risk of a police encounter for a criminal.  Consequently, a security system will protect your home in the case of home invasion.

Opinions about whether posting security system signs outside your home are effective are pretty much split down the middle.  Some say they deter crime, while others say they give potential criminals a heads up about what kind of system you have.  The debate is on-going and inconclusive on that front.

What isn't debated is the effectiveness of a home security system.  The New York Times examined security systems and reported: "When so-called smash-and-grab thieves do strike a home with an alarm system, they are more likely to leave quickly."

If you're looking for a no-contract system, a great and easy to install security system is Simplisafe.  Find it HERE

How To Protect Your Home: Flood Lights

Flood lights are one of the easiest ways to deter crime.  It's common sense: a burglar or home invader doesn't want to get caught or be seen, so illuminating their presence will most likely scare them away.  Drawing attention is the best way to send away would-be burglars. reported:

"A study of convicted burglars by The University of North Carolina at Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology found that 24% of them would consider the presence of outdoor lighting when choosing a home to target. Motion sensor lights are definitely a factor that mayhelp prevent a burglary."

You can even find flood lights that are attached to cameras.  You can find something like that HERE

If you're looking for something less sophisticated find a range of flood lights HERE

How To Protect Your Home: Have A Neighbor Mow And Pick Up Packages

Another common sense way to keep your home safe is to have a neighbor you trust check in.  An obviously un-mowed yard and packages sitting on the front porch are a calling card to any passerby that you are out of town.

Pay your teenage neighbor to mow while you're gone and have a friendly neighbor pick up your packages.  You can also arrange to have your mail held with the US Postal Service.  That way, it won't be overflowing in your mail box.  This is not only a signal that you're away but a threat to privacy as your mail could be stolen.

If you don't have friends that can help, hold your packages with your online retailer or pay someone in your neighborhood to pick them up and put them in your garage or hold on to them until you get home.

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