How To Protect Your Belongings When Using Self Storage

Alivia Whitaker | March 2, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Protecting your belongings when using self storage is not complicated.  By doing a few simple things, you can make sure your belongings are kept well and safe when using self storage.

1. Security

The first thing you need to do when protecting your belongings in self storage is security.   Security is maintained by selecting the proper facility with good walls, gates and cameras.   You also want to make sure you select a facility in an area with little to no crime so the facility itself is less likely to be a target for thieves.

The next best thing you can do for security of belongings is to use the appropriate, high quality lock.  Keylock Storage offers locks for sale at its facilities.  Of locks, the Keylock Storage blog said,

“There are many good reasons to rent a self storage unit. The main one is to make room in your home, and you may do that by using your unit as an off-season closet or a place to keep your business inventory. You can use it when moving to make sure you have a safe place to keep all your belongings between living situations.

Another reason is to keep your things safe in a gated facility with 24-hour security. Good security is, in part, your responsibility as well by using an appropriate lock.

Many locks just aren’t strong enough. Don’t use a cheap padlock or the sort of combination lock you’d use on a high school locker. There are two types of locks that are secure enough for self storage, disc locks, and cylinder locks. Most facilities will offer to sell you one of these locks when you rent a unit. At Keylock Storage we encourage you to add the lock to your purchase. It will make moving in much easier.”

You can go HERE to learn more about the types of locks for storage units.

2. Storing Your Belongings

The next thing you can do to secure your items is store them properly.  Here are some tips below on how best to secure and protect the things you care about:


You should always, always use a pallet when storing items.  It may be tempting to just skip this step but you could pay big in the long run.   If you select a good storage facility, they usually will have quality units and drainage on the property, but there is always a possibility that water could come into your unit from excessive rain, something seeping in from a neighboring unit or another unforeseen occurrence.  Simply taking the time to buy and use a pallet allows you to keep your belongings off the ground and out of danger.  Keylock Storage offers pallets at all of our locations for your convenience. 

Cover Furniture And Other Belongings

Another really basic, but key step in protecting your belongings when using self storage is to cover important items with plastic protective covers.   These can be purchased almost anywhere including Keylock facilities.   If you wish to preserve a piece of furniture, (especially fabric or wood) you need to cover it with a water tight plastic covering.  This will also protect it from rodents.  You also may want to use a similar type of covering for any kind of vehicle.

Consider Climate Control For Some Items

Finally, when storing your belongings make an informed and thoughtful choice on whether you need a climate controlled unit or not.  Some items simply need climate control in order to be preserved.  The Keylock Blog says, 

“Climate Control storage is a popular choice and often a must have for many self-storage customers.  It provides the ultimate protection for your stored items and prevents damage from heat, cold, mildew and other temperature-induced hazards.  Climate Control units are indoor and are powered by the facility to maintain and optimum temperature year-round

  • Items that are often stored in Climate Control:

    • Medicine
    • Sensitive Documents
    • Wine
    • Special furniture
    • Photos
    • Old records
    • Antiques
    • Art
    • Plastic décor or other items that can be warped by heat and cold
    • Electronics
    • Furs, clothing, and specialty textiles
    • Musical Instruments”

3. Keep Your Account Active and Check On Your Unit

And one of the most important ways to keep your belongings protected in self storage is to keep your account active, your payment made and check on your unit periodically.  Legally, if you do not pay your bill over a period of time, the storage facility can eventually auction off your belongings.  This can easily be avoided by simply paying your bill.

Keylock Storage offers many convenient ways to pay including offering auto pay.  This ensures your bill is always paid and your belongings always belong to you and are not auctioned off.

Finally, it’s just good sense to take a quick drive and periodically check on your unit and your belongings to make sure everything is in good order.

In addition, you can visit Keylock Storage Blog for more interesting articles about organization and lifestyle:

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