Pool Day Hacks - Pool Organization - Keeping You Happy At The Pool

Alivia Whitaker | June 15, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

You're ready for your season at the pool but are you dreading the clutter?  Dread no longer with our great pool organization tips to keep you organized, safe and fun this summer at the pool.


If you're going to be spending the day at the pool the first thing you're going to need to think about is hydration and snacks.  

Staying hydrated at the pool or beach is essential. The Center For Disease Control gave tips on staying hydrated during physical activity:

"Drinking water before, during, and after physical activity is one way to keep your body's air conditioner working. Keep these tips in mind to help your body stay cool:

  • Top off your tank a few hours before you hit the court, the field, or your own backyard by drinking about two cups of cold water.
  • Keep a water bottle handy to guzzle during water breaks, halftime, or time outs. Try to drink about 10 ounces — that's about 10 large gulps from your water bottle — every 15-20 minutes.
  • Did you know that sometimes you can't even see sweat — like when you're swimming? Which means you may not realize you are getting dehydrated. Just another reason to keep your water bottle in plain sight so you'll remember to drink up!
  • Even after the game ends, the chugging shouldn't — the more you sweat, the more water you need. Drink bottled water, water flavored with lemon or lime juice, or water right from your own sink.
  • Eating fruit and other cool snacks is another way to keep your body cool! Pack peaches, oranges, watermelon, and grapes in your cooler — they taste great and re-hydrate!"

You can make staying hydrated easy by bringing a cooler bag along with you.  Make sure it's well insulated, sturdy and has a great handle.  Keeping the food and snacks you bring to the pool collected helps with overall pool organization and keep your fun day clutter free. One of our favorites is this kind here. We also highlighted other great food and picnic products on our previous picnic hacks post HERE


When playing outside in the summer, almost as important as water is SUNSCREEN.  The CDC also gave great information about sun safety and sunscreen on their website.  They said:

"Put on broad spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 15 before you go outside, even on slightly cloudy or cool days. Don’t forget to put a thick layer on all parts of exposed skin. Get help for hard-to-reach places like your back. And remember, sunscreen works best when combined with other options to prevent UV damage.

How sunscreen works.Most sunscreen products work by absorbing, reflecting, or scattering sunlight. They contain chemicals that interact with the skin to protect it from UV rays. All products do not have the same ingredients; if your skin reacts badly to one product, try another one or call a doctor.

SPF.Sunscreens are assigned a sun protection factor (SPF) number that rates their effectiveness in blocking UV rays. Higher numbers indicate more protection. You should use a broad spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 15.

Reapplication.Sunscreen wears off. Put it on again if you stay out in the sun for more than two hours and after swimming, sweating, or toweling off."

One of our favorite sunscreens is Supergoop. They have a great range of high quality sunscreen and also have great kids products.

Pool Organizer

Chances are, you'll be using floats and other toys while you're out at the pool with your family.  These items are great fun but can easily become damaged, create major clutter or even cause a safety hazard if they are not stored properly.

A great solution for keeping all the pool clutter at bay is a pool-side organizer.  These upright organizers have space for floaties, boogie boards and other big pool objects to be collated and stored.  Many also have a bin for towels or pool noodles.  Having a great organizer like this one ready to go at the pool-side makes it easy to quickly put clutter away after a fun day at the pool.  Using a tool like this really helps with your pool organization overall.

Deck Organizer

Another great tool for pool organization is a deck organizer.  These unassuming storage boxes really help with pool organization as they can be used to store multiple items.  Things like towels, small pool toys, pool cleaning tools and other items can all be stored in this lidded box.

They come in a variety of colors and are water and weather resistant.  They are great to have on hand for pool organization and to quickly store pool clutter.  You can also use them on your patio or another outside area to store things.

An example of a deck organizer like the ones described above can be found here.

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