Be Prepared This Spring - Must Have Yard Maintenance Tools

Alivia Whitaker | March 14, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

If the sun is shining where you live, you’re probably starting to do yard work in time for spring - here are the must have yard tools you just can’t live without but may have not thought of this spring and summer.

1. Leaf Blower

Don’t think of a leaf blower as just for the fall and exclusively for leaves.  If you don’t have a leaf blower on hand, clean up in the yard can be onerous.  Leaf blowers help with grass clippings, mowing the lawn and keeping your porch and deck clean.

Investing in a leaf blower will show you how useful they are.  After just a small amount of use you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

2. Pressure Washer 

Buying a pressure washer is a bit of an investment but totally worth it.  To keep your house and outdoor maintenance to a minimum use a pressure washer.  Pressure washers keep things clean, sanitary and well-maintained and therefore add to the longevity of the exterior of your home.

You can also use a pressure washer on patio furniture, concrete, fences and even heavy duty rugs!  

A pressure washer will change the whole landscape of your exterior home maintenance.  For this reason it is a must have yard tool.

3. Wheel Barrow

This one is a basic but definitely important enough to be in the must have yard tool category!  A lot of people try to get along in their yard work without one, but not having a wheel barrow only adds to your work load.  

Picking up weeds, grass clippings and dirt simply isn’t feasible without one.  Make sure you invest in a nice model or find a well-maintained used wheelbarrow on second hand sites such as Craigslist.

4. Ladder

Perhaps the most important must have yard tool is a ladder !  This may be overlooked by first time homebuyers.  Perhaps they feel they can use a small ladder or step stool for most things.  Acquiring a high quality, safe and useful ladder is important as it is used for a plethora of things in home maintenance.  

Whether you’re hanging something indoors, arranging the garage or need to clean your gutters - make sure you have a ladder that is tall enough to do the job.  Many ladders are adjustable so you can have whatever height you need at the time.  A ladder is a bigger item but just as vital on your must have yard tools list.

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