Moving With A Dog - Your To Do List

Alivia Whitaker | May 1, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

When you’re moving, the last thing you’ve probably thought about is how to move with a dog!  There a a few things to do regarding pets and your dog when moving so follow the steps below to make sure your pooch has a smooth transition and you don’t get into a sticky pet situation!

Acclimate them to the new surroundings ahead of time if possible

Not all dogs adjust well.  The first step in how to move with a dog is to get it ready for the new location. Don’t assume that your new dog will fit right in to your new home.  If your dog has trouble adusting, there are the possibility of bathroom, sleep, eating and behavior problems.

The American Kennel Club addressed how to best introduce a dog to their new home:

“When arriving at the new home, the dog should first be taken out into the backyard and encouraged to relieve himself in a preferred area. Dogs who are normally very clean can become confused in a strange household, especially when upset and excited.

Next, take the dog for a walk through the house on a lead. Let him investigate, but also let him know what the house rules are. Keep him closely supervised and in the same room you are in, unless confining him to a crate or another room—and then stay close by at first, to be sure he is not upset by the separation.”

Register your dog in your new area

Did you know many cities and counties require you to register / license your dog?  If this is true of where you’re moving, not doing so could cause problems if your dog gets lost or runs away.  In some cases, you may lose rights and your dog could even be adopted at the pound!  Mastering how to move with a dog means getting all your paperwork right.

The licensing fees usually support animal control and/or the local Humane Society.  Look up your county and/or city online to see if this is required.  Most city sites will have a way to register your dog online.

Find out if your neighborhood / HOA has restrictions on amount of pets, barking policies, etc.

It is common of many HOA CC&R’s and/or city laws to have restrictions on animals and pets.  If you’re moving you want to carefully research your potential neighborhood rules about pets.  Some HOA’s require no more than two animals on the property and many cities have barking and noise ordinances, that if violated, could get your animal picked up by animal control.

Before you move, make sure you can live with the restrictions that will be in place in your potential neighborhood.

Follow these critical steps and you’ll be on the right track for your success in how to move with a dog!

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