Moving Between Semesters : Student Storage Options

Alivia Whitaker | June 4, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

If you're a student in between semesters have you thoughts about your student storage options?   Maybe you're studying abroad this summer or have a seasonal job out of state.  Have you considered where you're going to keep your belongings secure?  We've give you some ideas of how to handle your student storage below:

Student Storage At School

Some apartments, dorms or even universities may offer storage options for your belongings between semesters.  Perhaps you're an out of state student going home for the summer but don't want to pack up all your stuff just for a few months.  Maybe you'll only be gone for a few weeks.  Whatever the reason, many types of university housing will provide temporary storage for students.  However, be very aware of the terms, costs and security of the offered storage.  Consider how much they are charging and if it is market rate.  Compare to private companies near by.  You may also want to consider who will have access to the storage room.  Some housing provide storage that is communal or that multiple people may have a key to.  You don't want to store your belongings only to find them gone when you come back.

Student Storage At Mom's House 

Of course, there is always Mom.  If you can't find somewhere to store your belongings, you may have to pack everything up and take it home for the summer.  Or leave things behind at Mom's when you go back to school.  If this is the case for you, Keylock Storage provides excellent packing tips on their website:

  • Don’t make boxes too heavy.  It’s better to use slightly smaller boxes and pack with balanced weighted items so that moving is quicker and will only require one person per box.
  • Clearly Identify boxes ahead of time.  Using pre-made labels may speed this process up.
  • Try to avoid using plastic bags as much as possible.  Plastic bags can capture moisture and possibly destroy items.
  • Make sure your boxes are evenly weighted and packed to avoid sides opening and leaving items open for damage.
  • Don’t stand your books on their spines as this can cause damage.  Instead – stack them vertically.
  • Using masking tape across the face of mirrors and glass covered art and photos, especially large ones, prevents them from shattering.
  • Be sure to launder and clean all linens such as clothing, towels, drapes, etc. before packing to prevent germs, dirt, and mold.
  • Dissemble beds, tables, etc. that are made to be taken a part.  Those pieces will travel better if packed this way.
  • Think through the type of items you are packing and/or storing.  If it sensitive materials such as documents, electronics, medicine, and other items that are sensitive to heat or cold, you may want to consider climate control storage.  Climate controlled storage units have heating and cooling to control the indoor unit’s climate to ensure the optimal temperature for climate-sensitive items.
  • Cover your furniture and other appropriate items with tarps to prevent possible leaks or dirt from corrupting them.
  • Wrap dishes and cups individual with bubble wrap or newspaper before putting them in boxes.  This will keep your box secure and prevent items from moving around or breaking.
  • Arrange your packing so that boxes with fragile items are on top. This will prevent crushing and breaking.

To get help with your moving storage, call Keylock Storage at (866) 993-2688 or go to to the unit section.

Student Storage / Self-Storage Options

If you're looking for student storage, Keylock Storage has many affordable and convenient self-storage options.  Features include month to month rentals, competitive prices, drive-up units and 24 electronic access.  Check Keylock's Location Page to find out the features at the Keylock facility nearest you.

Keylock has facilities across the Northwest near many quality Universities and schools.

University students come to Keylock for a variety of storage needs whether it be to store belongings between residences, moving or parking a car; Keylock Storage has the solution for you.  If you’re a university student and need some storage for you overflowing, cramped apartment, need a place to park a car or need temporary storage between semesters consider private self-storage.

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