How To Organize Your Locker - All The Best Locker Hacks Here

Alivia Whitaker | August 1, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

It may still be warm outside but back to school is just around the corner so we've provided you with all the best tips on how to organize your locker!  You may use a locker at school or at work or the gym.  In any case, this list of how to organize your locker should be useful to anyone who uses one!

How To Organize Your Locker: Locker Shelves

First and foremost in the "how to" of how to organize your locker is locker shelves.  By adding these relatively inexpensive and lightweight shelves to your locker, you instantly add space and organization.  There are many styles and materials of shelves.  Plastic shelves, metal shelves, stacking shelves and more.  Some of our favorites are these hanging shelves found HERE

These hanging shelves not only give you the shelf space and shelving for books, but they operate as a great caddy and organizer all the same time for other items.

How To Organize Your Locker: Over The Door Locker Organizer

An over-the-door locker organizer is one of the best tricks in how to organize your locker!  This hanging over the door caddy can be made out of a variety of materials such as canvas or mesh.  It has handy pockets and organizing slips where you can hang folders, mints, personal items and more.  It works great for personal items in particular as it's easy to reach right at the opening of the locker not the inside of the door.

Find one of our favorites HERE

How To Organize Your Locker: Magnetic Hooks

If you want to know how to organize your locker just add hooks!  Magnetic hooks are an instant way to add space a function.  They are great for hanging up jackets, lanyards, and bags.  Anything you would normally hang in your locker gets double the real estate right away with these nifty hooks.  You can hang them from the ceiling of the locker, on the side or on the door of the locker. 

Find some great magnetic hooks HERE

How To Organize Your Locker: Accessories

Locker organization also comes with some great accessory options.  Some of these included magnetic pencil cups that can be attached to the door or another part of the locker, hanging or magnetic mirrors, magnets, dry erase boards and dry erase markers.  

Find a kit of several of these accessories HERE.

We hope this list has helped out know the best ways how to organize your locker!

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