You Know It's Time To Store When...4 Reasons Why You Need Self Storage

Alivia Whitaker | April 4, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Self storage is an incredible option for many people - have you ever thought why you need self storage?  Self storage is affordable, easy and makes your life better so scroll below to find the 4 reasons why you need self storage and might not even know it yet!

You can't park in the garage

Do you have the problem of many Americans and simply can't park all your vehicles in the garage?  This is a common problem because most households have multiple vehicles but also use their garage for storage.  But it doesn't have to be that way!  Have the best of both worlds and take advantage of self storage.  Whether you need to store big ATV's, small business inventory, antiques or just the extra belongings you must store in your garage - self storage is your answer!

Keylock Storage offers extensive storage tips and information on their site.  Under their "Using Self Storage - The Why" section, they detail why self storage may be right for you:

"Americans are using self-storage more than ever with the percentage increasing every year. Self-storage is a helpful and affordable option for your storage, organization and moving needs.  Here are some reasons “why”:

Space: No matter the size of your home, chances are you’ve got some extra stuff lying around cluttering up your space.  Whether it’s a large vehicle or RV, something that is an awkward or large in size, something seasonal, business related items or things that you choose to keep but simply don’t have the space for – join all the Americans are running to self-storage more than ever to keep your life functional and organized.

Most average homeowners don’t have the extra space to store a large RV, boat or deck furniture.  These items need to be stored and protected in the winter."

Free up space in your garage and your life and use self storage!

You love your toys

RV sales are rapidly on the rise in the United States. You don't have to hide it - you love your toys.  Like most Americans, you probably enjoy spending time in the outdoors, have a motorcycle, RV, ATV or other large vehicle that is awkwardly taking up space in your garage or is sitting unprotected outside.  You can have toys and have space!  You shouldn't have to sacrifice one for the other.  Self-Storage offers a plethora of small to RV-size self storage options and quality facilities will have the amenities and customer service you need.  It doesn't make sense to lose money on an ill-stored expensive item because it isn't protected properly, degrades or gets stolen.

Keylock Storage says,

"Recreational vehicles and boats are some of the most commonly stored belongings in self-storage.  Make the smart choice for your RV and/or boat and store at Keylock Storage where you will get the best in service, amenities and security for your treasured vehicle.

You have a small business

Small business owners smartly take advantage of self storage.  With the ease and advantages of the internet and smart phones - at home and other types of small business are growing faster than ever.   It is a strategic and wise move to use self storage for your small business.  Instead of taking on the risk and cost of expensive leasing or mortgage of a brick and mortar store, you can operate your business from home and use self storage for your inventory, tools or other business storage needs.

Of storing for your small business Keylock says,

"Business storage is important and demands the best quality in self-storage and proper amenities.  Many businesses choose to go with climate-controlled storage to keep their important items safe.

Types of business storage include: sensitive document storage, pharmaceutical storage, tool storage, office, and other supplies storage and more.  Business self-storage is an important and serious matter. Documents or products stored need to be maintained and kept secure. This provides safety, professionalism and success of your business endeavor."

You Want Your Spare Room Back!

What could you do with that spare bedroom that is cluttered with storage? Free up that extra room or other space in your home by using self storage.  By cleaning up space in your home you could add a home office, home gym or guest bedroom.  Take a moment and think of your home and garage as "real estate" in your life.  Is that space your belongings taking up really worth this real estate in your home?  Think of space as an asset and all the things you could do if you reclaimed it.

Of household storage Keylock says,

"Personal storage needs include many types of belongings.  Everything from holiday decoration, seasonal patio furniture, photographs, pianos, clothing, furniture, moving storage and more are the types of items customers love storing all their personal feature at their local Keylock Storage Facility.

Personal storage needs can include climate-controlled units, the best in security, drive-up access, or other specific features.  

Take the time to determine the importance of what you are storing, your individual needs and the level of service you will be receiving with your self-storage experience."

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