Kitchen Organizing Hacks

Alivia Whitaker | April 19, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Are you ready to get your kitchen functional and under control with out kitchen organizing hacks?

Kitchen Organizing Hacks for Kitchen Drawers

Pots and Pans

Kitchen drawers can be used for more than spoons and knives! Have you ever considered using a wide drawer next to your stove for pots? Using drawers to put pots and pans in saves you back aches and clutter by moving the pans out from the open, unorganized cabinet and into the convenient drawer.

Spices In Drawers

Have you ever thought about arranging your spices in a drawer or pull out rack instead of your pantry? Arranging spices in drawers next to the stove increases convenience and access. This can be done in an organized way simply by using inexpensive shallow bins that divide the spices in the drawer or drawer organizers.

Utensil Organizer in Drawers

A super efficient use of drawer space could be for organizing utensils. When you lay utensils and speciality kitchen tools flat in drawers they often become cluttered and unorganized. By simply using an upright utensil caddy or organizer - you can let the drawer hide your utensils! Place the caddy in a deep drawer and easily gain access to all your upright utensils and kitchen tools in one foul swoop!

Kitchen Organizing Hacks For Cabinets

Magazine Holders for Water Bottles or Other Items

Do you ever find water of other types of bottles stacking up one by one? Do your cabinet contents fall out on you when you open their doors? One of the great kitchen organizing hacks is using upright file folder organizers to hold water bottles or other cylinder kitchen items.

Hang Wire Racks on Inside of Cabinet Doors

Another quick and clever fix is installing hanging wire racks on the inside of cabinet doors. These can serve multiple purposes including serving as a spice rack, in-cabinet paper towel dispenser or extra storage.

Pull Down Spice Rack To Inside of Cabinet

Another way to efficiently get a spice rack in a space is by attaching a pull down spice rack to the bottom shelf of a cabinet. This fold up and fold out option is a counter space saver and uber convenient.

Kitchen Organizing Hacks For Under The Sink

An "Efficient" Susan

Who said Susan was lazy anyway? Use the "efficient Susan" method more places besides your baking cabinet. Small, circular, rotating shelves are on the market that do just the trick in organizing in small spaces. Use these types of shelves under your sink to store dishwasher packs, scrubbing brushes, dish soap and more. These space savers are easy to install and easy to use.

Under The Sink Shelves

Speciality under the sink shelves are on the market. These low and narrow shelves and drawers are made specifically for under the sink and help keep all your sink items organized. Another great shelving options for under the sink is a hanging shelf which hangs on the bend in the piping under the sink. A great way to store dish soap, cleaning products or anything else you normally keep in this area. 

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