In The Weeds - The Best Weeding Tools and Tricks

Alivia Whitaker | March 19, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

We’re here to improve your yard work season by giving you the best weeding tools and tricks!

WHY Weeding Matters

Weeding is more than a matter of visual importance.  Weeding can kill plants, corrupt soil and even kill your lawn!  Noxious weeds in particular, can cause great havoc.  The Invasive Species of Idaho website says,

“Noxious weeds / invasive plants are one of the largest disruptors of ecosystem function. They can colonize a variety of habitats, reproduce rapidly with a variety of mechanisms, and aggressively out-compete native species.  A plant is designated noxious in Idaho when it is considered to be injurious to public health, agriculture, recreation, wildlife, or property.”

So use these best weeding tools and tricks to stay on top of those weeds!

Best Weeding Tools and Tricks


The best defense against weeds is a good offense.  The best way to prevent weeds includes:

  • Removing the weeds completely before they take seed
  • Planting densely
  • Planting perennials or other “weed-blocking” plants
  • Mulching the soil
  • Placing weed resistant tarps under top soil
  • Using a chemical weed killer

Grampa's Weeder Weeding and Aerating Gardening Tool

This clever tool is a way to weed without bending over.  A long wooden handle reaches clear to the ground and pincers at the bottom do the weeding for you!  This weeding tool can be found HERE

Cobrahead Weeder

This curved, spade-like instrument gives you a hands up on the weeding.  They are easy to use and hook into the ground and help pull the weed from the root out.  The plastic handle makes it easy to hold and cuts your time spent weeding down!  You can find it HERE

Knee Pads

If you’re on your hands and knees weeding - do the smart thing and protect your knees.  Using light knee pads when you weed, keeps your knees in shape, brings your off the ground and promotes your longevity!  With knee protection, you’ll last as long as you need to to get rid of those pesky weeds!  Find knee pads HERE

Weed Torch

If you really have a major weed problem you might want to look towards a weed torch.  Meant to “burn” the weeds out, it could be very effective in weeding and weed prevention.  As a bonus the tool can do others things like thaw pipes.  A variety of weed torches can be found HERE

This list of best weeding tools and tricks will definitely amp up your ability to fight the weeds this year!!

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