How To Organize Your Laundry Room

Alivia Whitaker | April 12, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Lots of people have small laundry room spaces. Laundry rooms can exist in closets, halls and even kitchens! Whether your laundry room space is spacious or small follow our how to organize your laundry room template.  With it, you'll be functional and efficient in no time!

Find Somewhere to Hang clothes

Especially relevant in how to organize your laundry room is clothes hanging space. Not everyone is lucky to have space in their laundry room for a closet. If this is your scenario, there are fixes for this problem. The first thing you need to do is identify a space you could hang up clothes on hangers. There are several ways to do this.

Hang a rod - if you have open space up high, an easy fix to laundry woes is to hang a cylinder wooden or metal rod between two walls. This will allow you to easily hang clothing as soon as it gets out of the dryer. This will free up counter and other space and keep out the clutter

Fold Up Wall Hangers - If you don't have the space for a full rod, there are great products out there that are attached to a wall and fold out horizontally providing space to hang clothes. When you're done - simply fold it back up against the wall and maintain any space you need there.

Over The Door Hanging Racks - If you have an opening door nearby your laundry, there are great over the door racks that hang over the top of the door and have a bar for clothes hanging coming off from the door. This is handy for small spaces, because it can be immediately removed.

Utilize Space In Between Laundry Machines

No how to organize your laundry room guide would be complete without a great tool. Especially this one. There are many nifty contraptions on the market to help you maximize the space between machines. These are often thin, plastic and on wheels. These mini-shelf type items slide in between your washer and dryer cutting out dead space and providing you with useful storage space.

Therefore, you can use this space to store laundry products, cleaning products, dryer sheets and more! A bonus of using this area as a storage space is that it serves a double purpose.  It is a blocker for items that go astray when switching laundry. This easy and cheap fix solves a lot of laundry function problems with the snap of the fingers.

Create Creative Drying Spaces

Most of all, if you want to solve the problem of where to line dry clothes, follow these great tricks. It seems like the most obvious solution is mobile dryer rack. This rack works because it is accordion style and folds out into a standing mobile rack. Light and easy to use, it folds right back into itself.

Consequently, if you are short on floor space, the best tip is almost always to look into hanging drying racks. Wall mounted, folding metal or plastic racks are all available options. They unhook and click in place upward to create a temporary clothes hanging spot. If you don't have space for a rectangular rack on your wall, use over the door hangers. If none of these fit into your space rather than use them you can always look at hooks or hooks on a cylinder wall mounted holder that fit flush against the wall and fan out to create temporary hook spaces.

While there are many ways to use your laundry room, these are just a few of the great laundry room hacks that will aide in your laundry room efficiency. We hope you enjoyed our how to organize your laundry guide!

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