How To Organize Toys In 3 Easy Fool Proof Steps

Alivia Whitaker | September 27, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Toys can get everywhere and be a pain but if you want to know how to organize toys we've got all the tips and tricks you'll need.  Just keep reading.

How To Organize Toys: Clear Bins

If you really want to know the secret in how to organize toys its this: clear bins.  Using clear bins that children can see through is the best way to organize toys.  The best parts about using clear bins to organize:

  • They're stackable
  • You can organize by type
  • Children can see through the bins
  • They are easy for children to grab
  • They have  lids which limit spills

Some great see-through bin options can be found HERE and HERE

How To Organize Toys: Create Stations

When you are thinking about how to organize toys you'll want things to stay organized all the time, not just when toys are put away.  And the magic way to do this is by creating toy "stations"!  This is an easy to do and simple method that keeps certain toys in certain areas.  Your playroom will stay so much more put together after creating stations.

Toy Stations can be created simply by grouping certain types of toys in certain areas.  For instance, if you have a lot of puzzles, create a small shelf featuring all the puzzles next to the table where the puzzles would be put together at.  In just a couple of steps you've created a puzzle station!  You can do this with books by creating a reading nook, placing the dress ups next to a mirror - its all pretty logical when you start to think about it this way.

Try to put yourself through your child's eyes and see what toys they are going to go through when.  That way, you can create functional and fun stations in your home.

How To Organize Toys: Put Away As You Play

Finally when wanting to know how to organize toys - the name of the game is maintenance.  This may take some training with your children but it will be worth it.  If the children don't keep the toys where they are supposed to go the organization system will be all for naught.  Luckily - the way to keep it maintained is pretty simple - simply put away any toy not being played with.

That's right - that means only playing with one type of toy or station at a time and putting it away entirely before going on to the next thing.

Focus On The Family did a great article about motivating kids to clean.  They said,

"...when using consequences with kids, it's most effective to balance both positive and negative consequences. If we simply punish our kids for bad behavior or failing to follow through, they can easily become discouraged. It's just as important to praise and reward our kids for their good behavior. So when your children consistently follows though on their chores, such as cleaning their room, they should receive verbal praise, a hug and even an occasional small reward.

Many parents have found that sticker charts can be a great motivator. Each time a child follows through with a task, he receives a sticker. When he earns a certain amount of stickers, he then receives a special privilege or treat for his efforts." 

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