How To Organize Children's Books - A Step By Step Approach

Alivia Whitaker | November 10, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

If you're a parent you know that children's books are important but can also take up space - that's why we've told you all the tips about how to organize children's books.

Organize Children's Books: Ordering

The first step in how to organize children's books is to order them properly.  There are several different ways you can organize books and we will cover 3 of the main ways below:

By color

One way to organize children's books is to sort the books by color.   This solution works especially well if you're going for an aesthetic solution or the books are placed in an area that is highly visible.  Simply stack the books on the shelf in a regimented way by color.  For example, place all red books next to each other, blue next to other blues, etc.  This is a visual system that helps you find the book quickly based on sight.

By Title

Another way to organize children's books is by title.  You could do this alphabetically, placing the books alphabetically by title in order.  This is a great way to organize especially for young readers as it teaches them about alphabetizing and employs reading skills in order to locate books.

By Size

A great way to organize children's books is by size.  This works out great and can be very visually appealing.  Simply order and organize books in like-sized clumps.  You can also stack books - you don't just have to put them side by side!

Organize Children's Books: Display


One easy and effective way to organize children's books is by utilizing baskets.  Baskets are easy to cart around (you can even take the book basket outside or on a picnic!) and it creates great book storage and a dedicated place for the children's books.  It also makes it easy for little hands to grab the books and bring them to an adult to be read.

Bolga baskets are one great option for basket storage of children's books.   They are pliable and can be re-shaped into the desired size and shape for the number of books you need - no matter the sizes!

Wall Shelves

And of course, the traditional way to organize children's books is by using shelves.  One option can be a big bookcase, the other option is to use floating wall shelves.  These are great options because they can be placed next to a reading chair or down low for younger readers to reach.

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