How To Organize A Backpack - Backpack Organization Hacks

Alivia Whitaker | August 14, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Whether you're starting a new semester, take a backpack to work or use a backpack as a kid or diaper bag, we've got all the best backpack organization hacks for you!

Select The Right Backpack

The first step if you want to organize a backpack is to select the right kind of backpack.  There are so many options out there so, with a little effort you should be able to find something that is just what you need.

Things to look for good backpack organization:
  • Size - How big of a backpack will entirely depend upon the owner and the individual needs of the owner.  However, you'll want to make sure you get a backpack big enough to give you the space for the backpack organization you need.
  • Compartments - Make sure your backpack has the appropriate type and amount of compartments you will need.
  • Special Storage - Keep in mind what you'll be storing in your backpack.  Do you need a laptop pocket?  Perhaps you drink a lot of water and need multiple water bottle sleeves? Do you want a cord opening for your headphones?  Think about your must-haves and go on down the list when shopping for backpacks.
  • Look for a backpack with great reviews- check multiple sites for reviews such as the manufacturer's site and Amazon as well as sites dedicated to consumer reviews.

Outer Backpack Organization

One of the best ways to organize a backpack is to make sure everything on the outer edges is in place.  This means selecting a backpack as stated above that will have compartments for all the things you need quick access to on the outside of the backpack.  This could include a water bottle, a keychain hook, headphone jack, laptop compartment and more.

Backpack Inserts And Accessories

Here are some of the real backpack organization hacks: nifty backpack accessories!

  • Backpack Insert Organizer - One of the best backpack organization hacks is using an organizer insert!  This insert makes a place for everything in your backpack.  It also makes it easy to access items because instead of pulling everything out of your backpack, all you need to do is pull out the one insert.  Inserts like this one HERE have compartments for your wallet, sunglasses, cords and more!
  • Electronics / Cord Organizer - These handy little organizers come in a variety of types and are a great way to keep your cords and electronics in order.  They are a perfect backpack organization hack because you can easily slide them into your backpack for the day.  These small organizers usually are made of cloth or canvas and have loops, velcro and compartments to keep all your electronics in order and separated. Find a great electronic organizer HERE
  • Laptop Insert - If you carry a laptop or tablet around this backpack organization hack is KEY.  You need to use an inexpensive, cloth or canvas laptop sleeve that thinly goes over your electronic and keeps it safe and intact among the items in your backpack.  Find a laptop sleeve HERE
  • Keychain - Adding a keychain to the outside of your backpack adds a lot of function to the whole backpack experience.  It's an easy way to clip on keys, cordless headphones or other items when you're not using them.  Adding a carabiner to your keychain would also add to that function.  Find a classy keychain HERE
  • Waterbottle - Whether you're a student or a parent with a backpack - everyone needs a water bottle.  If you use your water bottle every day, invest a little extra money into finding a water bottle you really like and would work well for you.  Find our water bottle suggestion HERE

Tidy Each Night

And finally, our last backpack organization hack is to tidy it each night!  If you utilize an excellent backpack with good compartments this shouldn't be a problem.  As well, if you use the backpack inserts we listed above, this will be easy.

Simply take 5 minutes and pull everything out.  Then, throw the trash away and quickly put the bag back in order for the next morning.  Using this 5-minute backpack organization hack will make all the difference!

We hope these backpack organization hacks have helped you in endeavors where you use a backpack!

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