My Dorm Is Cooler Than Yours – How To Make Your Dorm Room Organized And Awesome

Alivia Whitaker | September 20, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

It’s back to school time and that includes students heading off to university!  College life is definitely full of fun and freedom and that often includes living away from home for the first time.

It’s no secret that student housing can be notoriously small.  But never fear – here are some tips for keeping your dorm room organized, as spacious as possible and the envy of the entire building!

Clean and Re-Arrange FIRST

Clean your dorm room before you unpack. Taking a few moments to dust and vacuum can make your room feel fresh and new and will help you settle in well to your new area.  Getting your dorm room organized up front will set the tone for your student housing experience.

  • Call ahead to get the dimensions of the room and list of furniture or ask someone you know to send you a photo of the room.  Knowing ahead of time what you will and wont have as well as how big everything is will help you plan what to bring and how to arrange your dorm room in the most optimally awesome layout.
  • Utilize corners by putting bulky wardrobes or desks in the them and out of the way of walking or storage space
  • Leave open spaces in front of the closet and doorways, especially allowing for enough space for furniture doors to fully open.
  • Use inexpensive organizing tools such as over the door hangers, bed skirt organizers and under the bed bins to maximize small spaces in the most efficient way possible.  Dollar stores, various sites online, Craigslist and even second-hand stores will have a plethora of cheap options to help you “life hack” your space in the best way possible.
  • Wipe down furniture, walls and doorknobs with disinfectant wipes to keep your area germ-free. Who knows who was living there before you!

Show Your Personality – Splash Color and Style In Your Dorm

Taking a few extra steps to brighten up your room and personalize it will make your space unique, cool and be the best looking dorm on the floor.

  • Hang lights.  Hanging cheap Christmas or outdoor porch lights at the top of the edges of the wall make your dorm room feel special, add needed lighting and bring good vibes into your student space.
  • Add temporary color.  Most likely in any temporary student housing you won’t be able to paint walls or furniture.  Putting up a colorful tapestry on the wall, adding brightly colored knick-knacks or other items on top of dressers or putting up a favorite flea market painting will help make your student space individualized, happy and full of color.  A cheap wall décor idea is to find free prints online and frame them in second hand frames that re-painted with a corresponding color.
  • Candles.  Adding something as simple as a candle (or candle warmer if you’re not allowed open flame) bring good smells and inviting auras into your small student space and make it feel like home.