How To Hang Pictures Without Hang Ups: The How-To Of Decorating Walls

Alivia Whitaker | February 1, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Hanging Pictures Without Hang Ups: The How-To Of Decorating Walls

You’ve just moved and you have a fresh landscape of open walls to decorate – or maybe you’re wanting to refresh your current layout – either way, now is the time to figure out how to hang pictures!

We make it easy with our list of picture hanging Do’s and Don’ts

DO Arrange Your Frames Beforehand

Before you start hanging framed photographs and art on your wall, assemble the different pieces you want room by room. Be sure to decide the layout of each wall before you even hang one frame. Why? Because you don’t want to complete one arrangement only to find out you need one of those pieces in the next room to complete your gallery wall.

Having a plan for each wall you plan to decorate in each room ensures you will only do your picture-hanging job once.

Pro Tip: Arrange the way you’d like your art collection on the floor in front of the wall first. Take a photo of it, in case you move things around and forget how you liked it.

DON’T Use Adhesives For Heavy Art

If you’re really wondering how to hang pictures – don’t necessarily go for the easy stick-on frame holder. Adhesive holders for art and wall décor can be great tools if they are properly used. Products such as Command Hooks have a pretty impressive weight capacity and can be used as towel hooks, coat hangers and even can even be used to hang art.

But beware – don’t estimate on the weight limit. Do your research with whatever method your using to hang your wall décor and find out the weight limit. You don’t want to pay the price when your expensive frame falls and shatters in the middle of the night. Take the time to do it right the first time.

Pro Tip: Use a bathroom scale to actually weigh your art piece and make sure it fits into that weight limit.

DO Mix Shapes, Colors, And Frame Style

To keep your wall décor feeling fresh and modern use a mixture.  Utilize textures, colors and shapes when hanging art on the wall. Unless you’re doing a gallery wall with a row of standardized style frames, wall décor looks best mixed. If you’ve got a lot of square and rectangular frames, considering adding a round object such as a clock into the mix. If all your art and framed photos are looking pretty standard, trying mixing the texture, size and color of your frames. Adding a subtle variety to your wall décor makes it feel custom and curated while still cohesive.

Pro Tip: Try mixing a variety of objects, not just art and photos on your wall. You might consider including a small round antique or vintage item to the collection you’re hanging.

Follow these Do’s and Don’ts the best how to hang pictures guide!

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